How to change your name on Rocket League

For some time you have been playing Rocket League , the sports car title from Psyonix and Epic Games. Between shots on goal, rebounds, adrenaline-pumping drifting and incredible jumps, you are having a lot of fun with this game. However, there is a small problem: every time you score a goal, the name associated with your profile is shown in large letters on the screen, and it is a name you chose some time ago; now it almost embarrasses you and you would absolutely want to change it.

You’ve already tried this on your own but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the game settings. In short, the “terrible” name continues to be the same, ready to reappear at each of your goals scored and you are, therefore, looking for a tutorial on how to change your name on Rocket League . That’s the way it is, right? If so, know you just found it!

In the next lines of this guide, in fact, I will explain how to complete this simple operation. I assure you that it will really take a moment, both if you are playing the PC version of the game and if you are playing it on console. I wish you a good read and I wish you a big good luck for everything!


  • How to change the name on Rocket League
    • How to change your name on Rocket League from PC
    • How to change your name on Rocket League PS4
    • How to change name on Rocket League Nintendo Switch

How to change the name on Rocket League

If you agree, I would immediately get to the heart of the tutorial by showing you first steps to change the name on the PC version of Rocket League and then those related to the console versions . As you will see shortly, on PC it will be necessary to change the settings of the account you use to play, but I guarantee you that everything will be really simple: you just have to follow the instructions I am about to give you carefully. Here are all the details.

How to change your name on Rocket League from PC

To change your name on Rocket League from PC you need to change a setting in your Epic Games account , the same one you use to log into the game launcher . This obviously implies that before proceeding you will need to have previously created and verified your account.

To start, open the main page of the Epic Store with any browser and click on the Login button located in the upper right corner. Then click the Log in with Epic Games button , enter your account email address and password, and click the Log In Now button . At this point, click on the button with the name of your account (top right) and then click on the Account item in the drop-down menu under the name.

In the General tab of the account , under the heading Account information , click on the button with the pencil icon , but be careful: once you have changed the name, you will not be able to change it for the next two weeks (then do not say that I didn’t warn you!).

Then type the new name you have chosen in the two fields for filling in. Finally, check the box next to the item I am aware that I cannot change my name again for the next 2 weeks , click on the Confirm button and then click on the Save changes button at the bottom.

Great! You did everything there was to do. Now, to see your new name, just log into the launcher by choosing your Epic account and that’s it. Your name will also be changed to Rocket League.

How to change your name on Rocket League PS4

I now proceed to show you how to change your name on Rocket League in case you are playing on PS4 . The procedure is different from the one on PC that I described to you in the previous chapter , since on the Sony console you do not have the possibility to log in with the Epic Games account and the displayed name will be the one stored in the PS4 settings, even if you the Epic account is previously associated with the PSN account .

To change the name displayed in the game you will then need to change your PS4 Online ID . I inform you, however, that only the first time you change your ID will it be free. If you later have a second thought you will have to pay 9.99 euros . Furthermore, changing your ID may in some rare cases lead to the loss of your game progress and purchased paid content. In short: think carefully before changing your name!

That said, just to start you press the directional arrow on either the ‘ left analog upwards in the console’s main screen and press X on the entry Settings . Then, press the X button of the pad on the Account Management item , enter the email address and password of your PSN account (if required) and press X on the Continue button .

At this point, press X on the Account Information item and then choose the Profile item . To continue, press X on the Online ID entry and then on the Accept and Continue buttons . Then type in the new name you have chosen and, finally, click on the Confirm button .

Very well! At this point, once you have started Rocket League, you will see that in the game menu the displayed name will be just the one you just set in the way I explained to you, happy? If you notice any problems after changing your ID, follow the steps in the last chapter of my PS4 Online ID tutorial to restore your old ID for free .

In case you were wondering, on Xbox consoles the procedure is very similar: just change the name used on the console .

How to change name on Rocket League Nintendo Switch

How do you say? Do you play Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch and would like to know how to change your name on the Nintendo console? I’ll settle you immediately. The only way to change the name, in this case, is to change the nickname of the Switch user account from the console settings.

To do this, from the Switch main screen, select the System Settings item (the one with the gear symbol ) by pressing the A key on the controller. Then scroll down with the analogs or the directional arrows, select the User item and press the icon of the user you use to play Rocket League.

Then press the A key of the controller on the Nickname item , type the new name you have chosen, press the Ok button and then exit the settings by pressing B on the pad. Perfect! Really easy, isn’t it? Upon opening the game you will see that your name has changed. Have fun!


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