How to change virtual screen backgrounds in Google Meet

Currently there are various services and applications focused on various facets and needs of today, many of them have managed to establish themselves within our most reliable options and tools when opting for any type of help. Thanks to these, a great portfolio of opportunities and capabilities opens up for us when carrying out any type of activity, task or job.

Many of these apps have had a major resurgence in recent years , within which we can denote all those focused on communication, messaging and video calls. These aspects are the most taken into account due to the different problems that we have currently been facing, as is well known, the COVID-19 pandemic and the global quarantine.

Faced with these heavy inconveniences, we have come to see that jobs, universities and schools have had to suspend their respective activities until further notice, leaving us only with the possibility of working and studying from the safety of our homes. In this way, it is like a good list of important applications have come to serve us in the best possible way.

Some of the apps that have been taken into account to facilitate our day to day are Google Classroom, Zoom, FaceTime, Discord , Google Meet and many more. All these, video call apps , audio and message chats or educational web services. But within this extensive list of platforms we have to highlight a specific one, which has managed to facilitate our duties and tasks in a simple and effective way.

Exactly, we are talking about Google Meet . Next we will tell you what this app is about, in addition to the different options and tools it offers to its users. Without anything else to say, stay with us and find out all the data, details and information related to this interesting service available for Androis, iOS and web browsers.

What is Google Meet and what does it offer us?

It is an application launched on the market by Google in 2019. This platform is totally focused on the video call service and its main objective is to offer us the necessary implements to be able to make our respective calls without any problem or inconvenience.

Over time, this app has achieved an important reputation in the market , reaching the same level as other great options of the video calling and video conferencing service such as Zoom or FaceTime. This has had a great reception from universities and schools, managing to be one of the favorite apps for students and teachers.

But at a certain point, this has its respective reason . It is due to the different options that this innovative application offers us, as well as its agile and simple operation as such. Once we have our Google account session started, we will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits of this video call and video conference platform.

Some of the strengths of Google Meet is its ability to add more than 250 participants to a video conference, although clearly this also depends on the plans of the app. Other important points are the options to share images and documents, in addition to having the ability to key our video calls to avoid any type of intruder.

How can I put virtual screen backgrounds on Google Meet?

Another interesting option of Google Meet is the ability to change the background of our video when making a video call. This can be of great help when you need to capture some type of image during a video conference or an important event. Stay and find out the steps you must follow in order to carry out this process.

  • Once in the app, we will go to the settings option, delimited with a 3-dot icon located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • We will click and a list will open, within this we will choose the box to change background.
  • We will have different backgrounds to choose from but we can add the one we want as long as it is a JPG or PNG file with 1920 x 1080 size.
  • Once we have our image we will only have to select it and that will be it. We will return to the video call and we will be able to see the background image.
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