How to change the WiFi name and password of my router

If you lived alone in a field with no neighbors around you would not have to worry about putting a password on it, but today we live surrounded by people from all sides, the houses are not very spacious in most countries where Spanish is spoken, unfortunately, it is It is precisely for this reason that Wi-Fi signal theft  is extremely common , thieves go through life trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network without the password .

But this does not have to alarm you, there are several ways to protect the security of your data, especially that of your Wi-Fi connection, since we cannot protect the encryption, we will make sure that no one can penetrate your network so that they do not touch or closely  any of your information and be happy with all your Wi-Fi connection.

We are going to analyze together what are the most feasible ways to protect your network and how to change your WiFi password step by step, join me to solve the problem.


  • Extra safety tips for your Wi-Fi router at home
  • How to change the password and name of the Router from the mobile

Extra safety tips for your Wi-Fi router at home

If you want to change the password and name of your router, it is likely that you are also looking to improve its general security, so here I present a couple of practical tips so that  no one steals your internet.

Set a long password and don’t save it on your PC

It is possible although unlikely that intruders who want to steal your WiFi can access your computer, this is a work of evil completely but it is possible.

Of course, the person would have to have a lot of knowledge, in any case avoid it in a very simple way, put a very long password, mix points, uppercase with lowercase and all the special characters you can, in this way you will do that if they want to steal your password. password, have it very difficult.

Place the router in the middle of your house

In this way, you will not only achieve that it reaches more parts of your house or it has a better intensity , but you will also make it more likely that the connection will not reach your neighbor’s house, which will significantly decrease their desire to connect to your network, you can check it yourself by measuring the speed of your Wifi.

Turn off your modem at night

This is advice that a couple of years ago I would not have given you, however technology has advanced and today routers are no longer damaged by turning them off, since they have an on / off button (which before there was no and you had to unplug it).

So to prevent bad waves from getting into your dreams at night and having a neighbor steal your WiFi at night, it would be better to turn it off, also when you go shopping . Let no one enjoy yours! Also remember to turn off the WiFi of your mobile when you are not connected to the internet for a long period of time, do not forget how much battery the WiFi uses!

How to change the password and name of the Router from the mobile

It is not difficult, all you have to have is a browser like Google Chrome on your device that you can download from the Play Store , once you have what you need, we go step by step.

  • You have to enter one of these numbers in your browser until it enters one: 168.1.1, if that didn’t work try this one:
  • Once here, you will be in the server administration panel of your Router, moving around here is very easy
  • You must look for the “Network” section in some routers it will appear as “Network name” anyway if it does not appear, enter each tab until you see an option field with “password” or “password”
  • Here you will also find the name of your Router (which you can change by touching it) and your password, which is  easier than ever.

Note: If when entering the web of your modem it asks you for a password and a user , perhaps it is this: Admin and without password, in 90% of the cases it will be like that, but if it were not seeing the router box you should find this information easily as “modem user”.


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