How to change the system locale in Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of the most used computer operating systems in the world, having many users who speak different languages ​​and live in different parts. That is why this system comes with a configuration that allows you to manage or change the language or keyboard configuration , the time zone, the country, among other things.

Having this configuration is very useful because apart from giving you a fairly high customization it allows you several things. For example, if you live in an area and have a different language than the legal language of your country then you can change it in this option.

Knowing how to configure to carry out these options is very important, since this will allow you to always have the exact information of your region in Windows. However, many do not know how to access the regional settings in Windows 10 so if that is your case, do not worry.

In this article we are going to show you how to configure the region in your Windows 10 operating system in a simple way. Just follow these steps that we are going to show you below and you will see that in a short time you will know how to configure it.

Why is regional settings so important in Windows 10?


First, before showing you how to configure the region on your PC, we are going to talk a little about it and its importance. This will help you a lot. Knowing this information will inform you about aspects of your PC that you did not know before and give you a larger picture of the information.

The locale of Windows 10 is a very important feature for your team because it ruled your location, your time zone, your language and more. Very necessary information for your computer for things like for example your location information. And it should be some of the basic Windows settings .

This information is necessary when you enter a web page that has several startup versions depending on the region. Thus the page will load the most relevant information for you thanks to this tool and like this example many others.

Another very useful function is the type of currency in your town , if you have programmed your region correctly your computer will know what type of currency you use. This is very useful, since if you are on a shopping page the site will probably provide you with prices in your local currency also thanks to this option.

That is why this tool is so important and you must have it programmed with exact information so that you never have problems on your pc. How to do it? Don’t worry, we are going to show you how with the guide that we have prepared for you below in this article.

How to configure the region of your PC?


This procedure is very simple and fast so don’t worry if you don’t understand something, as the steps are very easy to follow. However, make sure you have your Windows 10 installed and updated so that no problem occurs in the procedure.

Keeping your system updated will also bring you many advantages apart from having this updated function. It is always good to have the latest version of Windows so that the system remains in optimal conditions of use. That said, let’s move on to the guide.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to “Start” and enter “Control Panel” Then go to the section “Change date, time or number formats”. There you should see a dialog box called “Region” where there will be an option called “Formats” where you must select the format you want.

Step 2

Now go to the option “Additional settings” where you will find the dialog box called “Customize format” where the desired information is located. To modify it, you just have to click on the “Numbers” tab to change the information you want in this box.

And voila, with that you can configure all your data correctly. Wasn’t the procedure that we provided you difficult at all? We hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you can have all your data in order so that you never have problems in your Windows.

These functions are very useful because they make your life easier, research more about all the settings that your operating system offers you. We are sure that you will find very useful tools that you can take advantage of.


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