How to change the strap of Smartwatch

One of the companies that have not tired of offering us, not only good products but also quality services, is undoubtedly Apple . That with their iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac devices and now smart watches, they are monopolizing the world market. We want to dedicate this article to this last device and show you what you should do to change the strap of a Smartwatch easily.

But the Smartwatch is not only exclusive to Apple, Android has also released its smart watches and offers a large number of functions for users in need of news. Among which we can mention the activation of developer options in an Android Wear Smartwatch .

Is that this element of the watch, not only offers us the possibility of fastening it to your wrist but also, we can customize it to our liking, give it that unique touch and even download applications . In this way, Apple gives this element an enormous level of importance. And that is why, if we want to change these straps, for ones that have an elegant or sporty style, we must know how to do it.

How to change the strap of a Smartwatch in an easy way

So if you have in mind to give your Smartwatch that distinctive or irreverent touch, but you don’t know how you can do this. We will ask you not to move away and continue reading, so that you learn once and for all and change the straps of your watch more frequently. In the case of Apple Watch, it offers you a wide variety of straps with unique and fashionable colors.

That will allow you to show off with your friends and combine in a good way with the clothes of the day, it will also be perfect for you to take to any event. Since you will find straps according to the place you frequent. Be it the beach, the mountains, the pool, a cocktail, a birthday, you will always find the perfect leash.

It is important that you know that Apple thought of everything and no matter what version of watch you have, you can always change it in the same way. This if using a strap of a model or version 1, it will work perfectly in a model or version 3. So the steps that we will indicate below will work for any type of Smartwatch.

Steps to change the strap of a Smartwatch easily

The first thing we have to do is take off the Smartwatch and then we are going to turn it so that the lower part is front and visible. Here you can see that on each side where the watch case is a kind of mechanical buttons. These, when pressed, are responsible for releasing the devices that keep the straps in place.

Now the next step will be, press one of these buttons and hold, while sliding the strap to the side, it can be to the right or left. Slide the strap until fully removed. Repeat this procedure with the other strap and in a matter of seconds you will have both straps off your watch.

If for any reason you have trouble pressing the buttons that release the straps, you can look for something small that can put pressure on these points. You can realize how easy and fast it is to remove the straps from your Smartwatch. So now let’s move on to placing the new straps, which you will already have on hand.

You must now take one of the new straps and you must insert them through the openings where you removed the previous strap. Slide it gently, you should not press the button this time, just slide the strap until you hear a click. This will indicate that the strap has been fixed in place , now proceed to perform the same operation with the other strap.

The whole process of removing the old straps and fitting the new ones will not take you more than 2 minutes so it is a very quick and easy process to carry out. And so we come to the end of this instructive tutorial that showed you how to change the strap of a Smartwatch in an easy way.

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