How to change the spheres of the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip?

Today traditional watches have been replaced by smartwatches. One of the great features is that users can change their design or dial as many times as they want. This can be confusing, that’s why at Viatea we explain how to change the dials on your Amazfit Bip.

There are two very simple ways to accomplish this. The first is with the default spheres found in the official Mi Fit app . The second is with the spheres available in the unofficial Amazfit Bip & Cor Watchfaces app .

Change the spheres using the Mi Fit app

Let’s be honest, the default dial of the Amazfit Bip turns out to be unappealing. And if we want something in a watch that will always be on, it is for it to be visually aesthetic and original.

There are several default spheres for the Amazfit Bip from the official Xiaomi app, Mi Fit. Changing the appearance of your watch in this way is very simple, but first you must make sure that it is synchronized with the app.

Once both devices are synchronized, you must access the app and press on profile, as shown below.

Once there, the connected devices will be displayed in the my devices section Instantly the Amazfit Bip should appear, once it appears you must press on it.

Within the clock options, you must click on clock appearance settings. This will take you to another screen where at the top you must go to online spheres and you will see all the available ones.

You must press on the face that you like the most and, later, select synchronize watch appearance. Once you press, the face of your Amazfit Bip will change automatically.

Change the spheres with the Amazfit Bip & Cor Watchfaces app

In the event that the spheres available in the Xiaomi Mi Fit app are not to your liking, there is a second way to change the appearance of your Amazfit Bip. This is using the unofficial Amazfit Bip & Cor Watchfaces app, where there are hundreds of options available.

Once the application is installed, you must follow a short tutorial of it. At the end of this, you must accept the storage permissions . This to be able to download the spheres on your smartphone.

After accepting the permissions, you will need to select your language from the three-bar menu in the upper left corner, as shown in the image.

When selecting the language, all the available spheres will appear, you must select the one you like the most and press the download arrow.

Once downloaded you must do the same procedure as in the previous option. The only difference will be when you get to the watch appearance settings screen . In this case, you must locate yourself in local spheres , and there will appear all the spheres that you have downloaded from the app.

As you can see, changing the dials of your Amazfit Bip turns out to be easy and relatively fast. Tell us in the comments what you think about the tutorial and if you know of another way to download new spheres.

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