How to change the speed of your video in CapCut? – Fast and slow playback

You have probably heard about TikTok. This is a short video application that can entertain you a lot in your free time . If you are one of those people who has not yet downloaded it, you can download TikTok now. But the perfect complement to this app is CapCut.

This app called CapCut is only used to make edits to the videos before uploading them to your account. One of the many effects that this application has is to invert the videos horizontally and vertically . However, in this article we will see how you can change the speed of a video using CapCut.


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  1. What are the factors that a mobile must meet in order to use CapCut?
    1. updated app
    2. enough space available
    3. stable wifi signal
  2. What types of video editing can be done with CapCut?
    1. normal mode
    2. Curve
  3. How can you get into CapCut’s speed editor and what is the way to use it?
    1. An Android
    2. From iOS
  4. What else can you do to edit the speed of your video and not lose quality?
    1. Visual effects
    2. voice changes

What are the factors that a mobile must meet in order to use CapCut?

This application is considered the sister of TikTok because it is much broader when it comes to editing the videos that you will later upload to your account. If you want to use this application on your phone, you have to keep several things in mind before you start using this wonderful application.

updated app

To have all the functions of this application you have to make sure that it is updated to the latest version . To do this, you just have to go to the Play Store if you have an Android system phone and go to the App Store for iOS, to see if there is an update available.

enough space available


One of the most annoying things is when you are going to use an application and it does not open because there is not enough storage. Therefore, if you are going to use CapCut, make sure that you have enough space in your phone’s memory .

For this, you can delete things from the storage that you are not going to use anymore or if your phone does not have an SD memory card you can buy one and then move your applications to the SD memory .

stable wifi signal

Another thing that this application uses is internet connection. Normally it has to be through a Wifi . In order to use it in the best way, you have to make sure that the connection is very stable so that it does not fail when you use it.

There is also the option to use it with the mobile data of your phone but this would be a hole in your pocket so it is better to use it with Wifi.

What types of video editing can be done with CapCut?

In this application, one of the most outstanding functions is to change the speed of your videos, either to make them faster or slower. If you want to enter CapCut to edit a video or create a new one , you just have to open the application and you will look for the new project option.


When starting the new project, you will have two options for speed edits to your videos. To start editing the video you have to touch the speed tab that will be located at the bottom of the screen. After this, you can choose between the two available modes to give your video a better finish.

normal mode

In this mode you will be able to edit the speed to your liking. This will allow it to be as personalized as possible. If you want to change the sound tone of the video you can click where it says Pitch . When you are satisfied with the result of the edition, you will click on Verification mark . By touching this option you will be able to see the changes you have made to the video.


Curve mode will give you the opportunity to adjust the speed of your video in a more efficient way. Through the editing options that it already brings , you will be able to edit the speed or you will be able to create your own so that you can use it with other videos that you edit later.

How can you get into CapCut’s speed editor and what is the way to use it?

As we have told you, this application is already very simple to use and does not have many fields that you could get confused with. Shortly we are going to show you how to enter the video editor and how you will have to use it to get the most out of it.

An Android


To find the speed editor in CapCut you don’t have to do anything impossible, you just have to click on new project. When you are there, choose the pre-recorded video that you have in your storage and click on the Edit option and then on Speed .

There you will be able to edit your video in the simplest way with the two modes that we talked about earlier, which are the normal and curved mode .

From iOS

If your phone has an iOS system, you can also edit all your videos, whether they are pre-recorded or you make one from the CapCut application . You will only have to do everything that we explained to you in the case of Android phones because this application does not change almost at all compared to this other system.

What else can you do to edit the speed of your video and not lose quality?

In CapCut video editing, you can not only vary the speed of the videos you edit, but you can also do other types of editing such as adding face filters, some effects, or changing the voice of these videos. With this app you can also raise the quality of the videos so that they have better clarity .

Visual effects


When you choose the Effects section in the edit section, two segments will appear, these are facial effects and the other is video effects. Each one has different characteristics, since the one with facial effects will let you use a large number of filters and the one with video effects will help you with the finishes that the video will have at the end.

voice changes

The change consists of editing the tone of your voice . With these changes, you will not only be able to speak with a thick voice in the video, but you can also make it as thin as possible.

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