How to change the size, style and height of a row in a table in Word

Tables in Word? Yes, it is one of the tools that makes this program the favorite for written works, you can develop and simplify the way you present your information by creating tables in a professional, aesthetic and striking way. And we’ll show you how to change the size , style, and height of a table row in Word. How? We will explain you step step.

Insert table in Word

To create a table, do it from the Insert tab , you can do it in three ways, first from Table, select in the grid how the table will be composed; second you can use Insert Table, a window is displayed where you can indicate the number of rows and columns, entering with the keyboard or using the arrows.

Third, choose Draw table and drag the pencil across the page until we get a table, then we draw the internal lines that will form the rows and columns, now you can add the content vertically or horizontally , but how can you change the size, style of the table in Word? There is more than one way to do it, keep reading and we will give you the answer.

Resize table in word

Selecting the table activates the Table Tool tabs, these are Design and Presentation. In Presentation you can adjust the size of the rows in Auto adjust, you have 3 options:

  • Auto-adjust to content, the height and width of the columns will adapt to the text that the table contains,
  • Auto-fit window, size fits on document page,
  • Fixed column width, the columns keep their size, and the height of the rows will adjust to what you write, so they will be as high as you need for your content.

We can add that when you click the opposite button of the mouse on the table, a window is displayed where you can get the Table Properties, here a table with different tabs is displayed, you get the Row option, where you can specify the Height ; In all these cases you can do it row by row or select all of the table.

Change table style in word

  1. As for the style, the possibilities are many, first in the Design tab you get different styles. These will be applied to all rows immediately upon selection. There are a variety of colors these modify the style of the text , the letters can be Black or Normal, this varies in each design. However, the font you have determined will remain the same.
  2. When you open the entire predesigned table window, you see the option Modify table style at the bottom You can change the font, the colors, the thickness of the lines of any of the predesigned styles.
  3. You can save the new style that you generate for future work.
  4. Within the Design tab in the Table Tools, you have options to change the style. Shaded , you can color the table rows, create your own combination, or change the one with the default layouts.
  5. Borders , you can choose which border lines you want to be visible or not .
  6. To the right of this menu you have the option, Draw borders , with the use of the pen you can manually draw lines of the style you want. Also modify the thickness and color. The pen allows you to modify specific sections.

You can also do this from the Table Properties. At the bottom of the window you will find the Borders and Shading button , from there you can make all the modifications.

Without a doubt Word offers you a variety of tools for your documents. In addition, the options that we have presented are very useful when changing the size and style of any table. Whether you use the quick access tools or decide to enter the more complex menus, we hope the information is useful to you


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