How to Change the Ringtone in Discord Using a Plugin

Learn how to change the ringtone in Discord using a plugin and customize your notifications with a unique sound.

How to Change the Ringtone in Discord Using a Plugin

From the title it becomes clear how to change the ringtone in Discord – there is no built-in option. And since there are no standard tools, we will find a workaround and achieve our goal differently!

Setting up the messenger

See for yourself that it is impossible to change sounds in Discord using the available functionality.

  • Open the messenger and click on the “User Settings”button on the panel at the bottom left;
  • From the menu, go to the “Notifications”tab .

Here are all the available categories – you can listen to the sound, turn it off, but you can’t change the melody!

That is why you will have to figure out how to change the ringtone in Discord using third-party tools. Of course, the standard melody is quite pleasant to the ear and copes with its duties – to notify you of incoming calls. But many people want to edit this setting, personalize the messenger! So let’s get started.

Find the song you want to use as your incoming call in advance – there are a lot of resources on the Internet where you can download a ready-made ringtone. Or cut the full version to the desired fragment yourself (there are many programs, for example, Vegas Pro ).

The BetterDiscord extension will help you change the sound of a call in Discord . It is installed only in the desktop application, it will not work in the browser! The messenger must be closed during the installation process!

  • Go hereand click on the “Download” button ;
  • Run the file downloaded to your computer and follow the instructions on the screen;
  • You need to click on the “Install Bandaged BD”icon ;
  • In the new window, check the box “Install To Stable”and select the save path.

That’s it! If you now go to the messenger and open the user settings, an additional block “Bandaged BD” will appear on the left panel . But we are not finished yet – you can change the ringtone in Discord only with the help of a special plugin that is installed in the extension.

For now, let’s close the program completely and start working with the plugin:

  • Open this linkand click on the blue  “Download” button ;
  • Once the file is downloaded, go to the messenger;
  • Open the user settings and go to the “Bandaged BD”section ;
  • Find the “Plugins”tab ;
  • Click on the “Open Plugin Folder”button ;
  • The explorer will open – look for the downloaded plugin file;
  • As soon as its name appears on the screen, switch the toggle switch to activate;
  • Restart the application.

Almost there, how to change the ringtone in Discord! The plugin is enabled, the melody is ready:

  • We return to the messenger, open the settings and go to the “Plugins”tab ;
  • Click on the “Settings”button just below the plugin name;
  • Notification settings will open!

Here you can adjust all available sounds – incoming message, walkie-talkie mode activation, notification of an exiting user…

We’ll look at how the extension works using the example of how to change the ringtone in Discord on PC. You can apply this instruction to any other type of notification.

  • At the top we find the line “File”and click on the button “View file” ;
  • Select a previously saved melody from the desired folder;
  • Let’s go up to the line “Categoryname”and write Rigtone there;
  • Next to the line “Songname”, you need to enter the name of the song you have prepared;
  • Click on the “Add”icon and wait for a notification to appear that everything has been done correctly;
  • Scroll down the menu to the Incoming Call” tab;
  • From the “Category”drop-down menu , select the “Rigtone” value ;
  • The song will be inserted automatically!

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