How to change the resolution in Fortnite?

Fortnite is the game of the moment, so everyone wants to be the best in their area, to achieve this many pro players have begun to use different legal strategies, one of these is to stretch the screen or change the resolution. That is why today you will learn how to change the resolution in Fortnite

Knowing what Fortnite is and how it is played requires dedication and effort like everything else in life, but it never hurts to give yourself a push to increase the possibility of reaching the world top and measuring yourself against the best player in the world in Fortnite.

As long as you use legal methods, you are being honest with yourself and other colleagues, so that they are not creditor of the reports that are needed to ban in Fortnite.

How to Change Resolution in Fortnite – Put a Stretched Resolution in Fortnite

Change resolution in Fortnite

The first thing you should know is that the tactic of stretching the screen can be achieved on various platforms, such as the PS4 and the PC, so today you will learn each of them.

Number one on the list is the PS4, to be able to play with a different resolution you have to do the following: go to the bar at the top of the menu, and select the ” Settings ” option , then the “Audio” section. and screen ” and finally “ Display area settings ”.

When you have chosen that last one you can zoom in and out the screen to your liking, allowing you to put a stretched resolution in Fortnite, once you have achieved the best setting for you, press X on the control and that’s it.


After this, go to the “Video output configuration” section  and click on the ” Resolution ” option , here choose the one that best looks according to your taste, and when everything is configured confirm. This way you can play and access things to do in Fortnite’s creative mode.

Put stretched resolution on PC

For obvious reasons, the PC is where there are the best possibilities to change the resolution in Fortnite , you just have to go to the beginning of the game and press the three horizontal lines that display the menu.

Once this is done, choose the icon that has a shape like a small gear, this will take you to a new section from where you can configure the screen and the resolution.

You must change the following two options: the “Video Resolution” and the “3D Resolution” , you must both edit them to your liking until you achieve the stretched screen you want, not everyone plays the same so there are no such accurate parameters, It depends on your taste, but the resolution used by competitive players is 4: 3.

Keep in mind when you go to edit the parameters, that the video resolution is the one that determines the resolution of the game as such and the other that of the objects.

Change resolution on mobile

Finally you should know that you can also change the resolution in Fortnite for mobile phones, all you have to do is select the same three horizontal lines as on PC.


When you’ve done it, choose ” Settings ” and click on the blue bar next to the option called “3D Resolution”, this will not completely change the view of the game, but depending on how you place it, it will help its fluidity.

Also in this section you can also change the graphics, among other options, being able to edit the game so that it goes as you want. And voila, with the above you know how to change the resolution in Fortnite on most of the platforms that support this game.

Each and every one of the tricks is legal, and they come natively on the different consoles and in the game, so you shouldn’t have any problem when performing them. Now go and play until you drop like a pro at Fortnite.


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