How To Change the name of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

When you install an Amazon Fire TV Stick at home , it is assigned a default name and so far no problem; However, if you use voice commands to control the Fire TV Stick or you have more than one at home, it will be necessary to change the name of the Amazon Fire TV Stick to make everything clearer and more understandable.

The procedure to change the name of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is fast but not really immediate so I suggest you read this article to the end to understand how to act.

Change the name of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

The simplest procedure for renaming the Amazon Fire TV Stick is done directly from the Alexa app. Then open the Alexa app from your smartphone and press the Devices button located at the bottom right.

Press the Echo & Alexa button to view all Amazon devices connected to your Account; all Amazon Fire TV devices will also be displayed here. From the list, press on the name of the Amazon Fire TV Stick device you want to change the name to to open its settings.

Click on Edit Name at the top and enter the new name you want to assign to the fire TV stick and confirm.

At this point you will have renamed the device and to control it from Alexa you will have to call it with the new name.

If you still don’t know the Alexa commands to manage your Fire TV stick, consult this guide where all the available commands are listed.

In addition to controlling the fire TV stick with the commands

  • “Alexa, turn on Fire TV”
  • “Alexa. turn off Fire TV “
  • “Alexa, turn up / down Fire TV volume”
  • “Alexa, mute Fire TV”

you can also ask Alexa to play a movie

for example “Alexa, play Alive from TV Salone” where “TV Salone” is the name given to the fire stick tv.

Then I suggest you spend a few more minutes to read this guide where there are the best apps for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

So in conclusion you can very easily change the name of your fire tv stick via the Alexa app from a smartphone.

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