How to change the name in Instagram chat?

One of people’s favorite social networks is Instagram because of its ease of use and the large number of functions that the mobile application has when it comes to editing photos and videos. But Instagram not only has the functions of editing images, but through it you can communicate with other users using direct messages. Here you will see how you can change the names of your chats and how to change your username on Instagram.

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  1. How do you change the name of a user on Instagram?
    1. From the app
    2. Through the web
  2. How is a group conversation renamed in Instagram Direct?
  3. Can you put multiple nicknames in Instagram chats?
  4. Can short-lived conversations also have aliases?

How do you change the name of a user on Instagram?

The username on Instagram is very important, since it is through this that your followers can find you and see the content you post on your account . Maybe you think that the username you have at the moment is not very good. That’s why you want to change it and you can do it like this from any of these devices.

From the app

In order for you to change the name of your user on Instagram from the application, you have to enter your profile. When you are already located in your profile you are going to press on edit profile, this is on the highlighted stories. At the moment this menu is open, there will be the username , the link of your user and the biography. There you can change your username and add a new one.

Through the web

Now, to change your username from the Instagram website you have to also look for your profile picture on the screen . This will be at the top of the bar where there are several icons, this will be the last one. When you are in your profile next to your username will be the option to edit profile which you will click.

Then you will place the cursor on the writing of ‘User name’ to be able to delete the one that is saved and write the new name that you want to add . If no user has this name, they will be able to change it later, you will only have to click on accept for this action to be carried out.

How is a group conversation renamed in Instagram Direct?

To change the username of your Instagram you have to enter the application and on the right side of the screen just above. Then you will look for the group chat you want to change the name of and you will enter it. You will click on the name of the chat and then you will have to click on the name again to start dictating. Then you will only have to write the new name of this chat and click on finish.

Can you put multiple nicknames in Instagram chats?

Changing the name of chats is also possible in direct voice or text messages on Instagram. This can help you identify a contact more quickly and thus not be desperately looking for it. To change it you must enter the direct messages and locate the chat with that person, enter the chat and click on the name and then press again on the name and delete the one you already have. After deleting it, you will be able to write the new name of this chat .

Can short-lived conversations also have aliases?

One of the best features that have been added to Instagram is the ephemeral mode in the chats . With this option you can delete messages automatically . If you want to change the name of this chat so as not to create suspicions, you can do it in the same way as in the other methods. To change the name of a public group or other chat and this method will work for you in the same way.

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