How to change the local network name of Windows 10

Generally, any computer accesses the internet and shares the use of certain devices. Either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable, it is possible to manage our local network. If you want to know how to change the name of the local network of my Windows 10 PC easily? We invite you to read this interesting article.

How to change the local network name of my Windows 10 PC easily?

Some users have multiple network connections and want to rename them from Windows 10. However, this system does not have a configuration that facilitates this task, which is why it is necessary to follow a particular procedure.

Next, we explain how to change the name of the local network of your Windows 10 PC in a simple and fast way.

What is a local network?

A local network is a set of computers and devices interconnected to share a communication line with a server .

What is a local network for?

A local network allows multiple devices to share information, resources, programs, folders, and components such as the printer. On the other hand, a local network can be useful for two or more users after activating the connection via Ethernet.

It is the network par excellence to share files and folders on the Windows 10 Network , for this reason it is essential to know aspects about its configuration and customization.

How does a local network work?

A local network connects to the internet and is protected against external attacks through a firewall. Subsequently, it goes to the servers that provide internal security to the network and connect with the outside. These communicate through workstations and through the use of a hub or switch.

It is important to note that the clients on the network are stations where operating systems are running. The local network may also have a network printer and other components, as well as the software required for its operation. Also, you can add wireless devices and other items.

If you want to learn more about it, we have a guide in which we talk about what local area networks are and how they work , so that you fully understand this important type of network.

Procedure to rename a local network in Windows 10

When you connect to the internet via cable, Windows creates a local network that you can configure from the Ethernet settings found on the system configuration page.

In the “Network Connections” section you will see the name of the adapter and the name of the local network. To change the name of the local network in Windows 10 you must access the registry editor and make the required modification.

On the other hand, if what you want is to correctly configure a wireless network , you can visit the previous link in which we show you all this process. Let’s continue with the guide to change the name of the Lan Network.

Enter the Windows 10 registry editor

First, you must go to the start menu and in the “run” window type regedit. Windows will show you a new window with a panel on the right that specifies the content of each of the folders that make up the operating system.

Navigate to the network profile path

Locate the folder “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” , then “SOFTWARE.” There, you will find the “Microsoft” directory where you can select “Windows NT” and then “CurrentVersion”. Finally, go to the “Network List” folder and then to “Profiles”.

Identify your local network

To identify the local network that your computer has, you must view the panel on the right and the name that accompanies the ProfileName key Make sure the name corresponds to your local network.

Rename local network PC Windows 10

Once you locate the profile of your local network, you must right click on “ProfileName” found in the right panel. Then, select the “Modify” option .

Immediately, you will see a window and a text box with the current name of the network which you can change to your liking. Finally, click on the accept button and close the registry editor, in this way you will have completed the process.

Once the network is completely configured, you can use it for any type of action. Given this, it is convenient that you measure the transfer speed of the local network with JPerf or other programs or tools, but this will be necessary only at a professional level.


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