How to change the letter in Huawei EMUI

If you are interested in customizing your mobile thoroughly, you may want to change the font , either to improve legibility or because you are looking for a more attractive one. Now we are going to teach you how to do it in EMUI , Huawei’s operating system , which Honor phones also use.

In this tutorial we will explain two possibilities: change the design or font of the letter, to give an original touch to our Huawei device, and also change the size of the letter, something that EMUI makes very simple, and it will be useful if our view is not very sharp.

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Change the font layout from EMUI

Although there are third-party applications for this purpose, the simplest and safest thing is to use “Themes”, an app that Huawei includes by default in EMUI . It is intuitive to use and we will avoid downloading content from unknown developers from Google Play.

  • Locate the “Themes” app on your Huawei. It may be in a folder with other apps, but it comes by default and cannot be uninstalled, so it is sure:
  • Within “Themes” we will enter the section “Text styles” in the lower menu:
  • Now you will see a list of fonts to choose from , most are paid (although at affordable prices). Anyway, looking a bit in the Huawei store you will find some free fonts that are worth it:
  • We show you the names of some free fonts , in case you can’t find them on the main screen and want to use the search engine:

AlcuinURW-E, GaramondURW-W, URWGeometric-EL, Surpsing, William, Reindeeer, and NinbubusRomNo-DCD-R.

  • We must consider that, being a customization store, new fonts may appear and prices may change, or Huawei could withdraw content.
  • Once we have chosen the font we want in EMUI, from its file we must click on “Download” and then on “Apply” :
  • The result will depend a lot on the chosen font and our tastes. By default, EMUI (and Android) prioritize clarity over other aspects, and the most ornate fonts are pretty, but not always practical.
  • Everything EMUI will change to the new letter , from the settings menus to the names of the apps in the icons, even the notification bar and the time that appears in the upper right corner.
  • All Google and Huawei apps adopt the new font, and many third-party apps (including WhatsApp) do the same. Of course, certain applications do not accept custom fonts , especially Google Chrome, which does not alter the design of each website.
  • If we want to change the letter again and go back to the one that Huawei includes by default, from the same “Themes” app we have to go to the “I” tab of the lower menu:
  • Now go to “My text styles” :
  • Apart from reviewing the downloaded fonts, here we can restore the default font on the device , either Google or Huawei:

Add more fonts for free

The “Themes” application that Huawei integrates is the easiest way to change the letter, but its free catalog is quite limited. However, in Google Play we can get more sources , let’s see how to achieve it:

  • Download Fonts Manager for Huawei / Honor
  • After opening the program, we will see a list to choose from , we must click on “Apply” and the source will be downloaded to the device:
  • The following message indicates that the letter has been downloaded, but we will have to activate it from the “Themes” app that EMUI brings. We will enter directly into it if we click on “Open theme manager” :
  • Now we will click on the “I” tab :
  • Next we will choose “My text styles” to activate the downloaded content in Fonts Manager for Huawei / Honor:
  • The new designs will appear in the “Downloaded” section :
  • After choosing the style we prefer, it will take us to an incomplete preview screen (since it is an external download to the Huawei store), but when pressing “Apply” the font will install normally :
  • When we want to change to the original EMUI letter, the procedure is the same as that we have seen in the previous section. We will always find it available in the “My text styles” section.

Change the font size

Perhaps what you want to change is the font size of your Huawei , something that is easy, not only in EMUI, but also in other layers of Android. Let’s see the step by step:

  • We will have to go to the System Settings app , and access the following menu:

Settings -> Display -> Text and display size.

  • We will see two sliding bars, one indicates “Text size” and the other “Display size” :
  • In principle, changing the text to make it bigger or smaller should be the first option to try. If the rest of the elements are also problematic (icons, photographs, menus) use “Display size” to adjust them together with the letter.
  • The operation of Android, and therefore also EMUI, is compatible with these modifications. In any case, you may find in a very specific way an application from the Play Store that does not reflect the changes, or whose design looks bad.

We are facing a flexible operating system, for example, EMUI allows you to put the iOS emojis , for those who prefer a more classic look, and modifying the fonts, wallpapers or icons is simple.

Knowing the way to change the font, there are many possibilities to adapt EMUI to your liking and, as you can also make it larger (or smaller), people with vision difficulties will enjoy a better experience on their Huawei .


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