How to change the language of the texts In Genshin Impact

We explain the simple steps to follow to change the language of the Genshin Impact texts and voices. Find out how to put the game in Spanish, Japanese and much more.


  1. Where to find the language settings menu?
  2. How to change the language of the texts?
  3. How to change the language of the voices?

Genshin Impact has several languages ​​both in its texts and in its voices so that the vast majority of players in the world can enjoy it without barriers. Now, the first time you download the game, it may be installed in a language that you don’t handle very well (such as English) or you may just want to configure the language of the game yourself. If so, in this section of our complete guide we teach you how to change the language of the game easily .

Where to find the language settings menu?

The first step to be able to change the language of Genshin Impact is to locate where the settings menu is located , as is obvious. However, at first the game can be quite overwhelming with a lot of menus and options that confuse the player. You should know that from the main home screen it is not possible to modify the language of the game.


  • First you have to start a game with your account, either by creating a new game or by loading a game already started.
  • If you have just started playing on mobile, you will have to advance a few minutesin the tutorial until you unlock the Paimon menu when you reach the first Statue of the Seven .
  • The Paimón menuis located in the upper left corner of the screen (like the one shown in the following image).

To open this menu, just press the ESC key if you are playing on PC, the Options button on PS4 or touch the icon if we are on Android or iOS. Once this menu is displayed, you have to enter the Settings menu ; It is the one with the icon of a gear (located in fifth position).

Once open, you must now enter the “Languages” tab . If the game is in English, it will be the one that says “Languages” . For the avoidance of doubt, it’s the fifth section counting from the top.

How to change the language of the texts?

  • Once inside the settings menu Genshin Impact language to change the language of the textsyou must open the dropdown called “language game” or “Game Language” in English.
  • Here you can select the languageyou want the texts of the game to have from a list of more than 10.
  • The language should change immediatelybased on your choice.

How to change the language of the voices?

  • If you alsowant to change the voices of the game, from the same language settings menu, you must display the “Narration Language” or “Voice-Over Language” box in English.
  • Here you just have to select the language of the voices, such as English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese(in the image that we have attached the first option is Chinese, the third Japanese and the fourth Korean).
  • When selecting the language, the voices and voice-overs for all characters should change immediately, but if not, please restart the gamefor the new settings to take effect.
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