How to change the language of the spell checker in Word

When it comes to office applications, Microsoft Office has completely dominated this field, since its applications are the most used. And among the most used of these, is Microsoft Word , which offers endless possibilities to carry out different jobs.

If you are a person who works with several languages, did you know that you can work in Word in many languages? That’s right, from Word you can work comfortably in other languages, that is why it is important to explain the topic: How to change the language of the spell checker in Word step by step.

Even at present it is not necessary to download this program to enjoy its functions, since we can use Microsoft Office for free online , which allows us to save our documents in the cloud.

Now with regard to Word, which is the most used Office tool, we must emphasize that it is very versatile since we can not only use it on the PC, but it is also possible to create and edit documents in Word through the cell phone .

How to change the language of the spell checker in Word

Doing this is really easy, in fact, it will take a couple of minutes to perform the steps that we will give you below.

  1. The first thing to do is open a Microsoft Word document. It can be the one you want to check with the spell checker with the new language, or a blank document, as you wish.
  2. Now, you must locate at the top of the screen section Check that the eighth paragraphs available in Word. This is in the middle of the Correspondence and View sections.
  3. Once you access the Review section, you should pay attention to clicking the Language> Language> Set correction language option . Once you access this last option, a small pop-up window will open, especially to configure this option.
  4. In this window, there is a list of languages ​​ordered alphabetically, then you must choose the new language in which you want to put the spell checker. To select a language, simply click on it and it will be marked in blue.
  5. Now, for that language to be saved in Word, you must click on the OK button to save that language as the default.
  6. Now you can write your document in the language you selected and you will see that the words will not be marked as a spelling error.

How to change the language of Word completely

In case you want to see Microsoft Word in a default language, you can. By doing this, the sections, settings and other matters will be changed in Word and they will be seen in the selected language. For example, most users usually change the language of Microsoft Word from English to Spanish . Carrying out this process is also quick and easy, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

  1. First of all, you must open a document in Word, in the same way, it can be a blank document or one that already has information contained in it.
  2. Now, you must go to the first section that is in the upper bar, which is called File .
  3. Once you access this section, you will see a series of varied options, but you must click on Options. This section is actually the last of all the options you’ll see, so it will be easy to locate.
  4. When you click on this option, you will see that a pop-up window opens, in which you must locate the option Language> Choose user interface help languages. Then, in the small section Language of the user interface, we can select the language in which we will change the interface or click on Get more languages ​​to display and Help and choose the language you want. Also above this section, you will see another section called Choose editing languages ​​and there you can also select the language in which you will change the interface.
  5. Once you have chosen the languages ​​for the interface and the language edition, click on each of the options under Choose as default .
  6. Then click on OK so that the changes are saved, then a message will appear advising you that for the changes to be saved you must restart Office. Click OK again, restart Office and when you access it again you will notice that the interface is in the language you chose.

Finally, we remind you that you can also change the language of Microsoft Office , in this way the language of Word, Excel and PorwerPoint will be changed at the same time.

All these processes have been too easy! Now, you can do this yourself and configure the language of the spell checker and the Word interface, so that everything adjusts to your tastes and needs. Follow the steps we gave you to the letter and your success in setting this up will be more than guaranteed.


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