How to change the information of the names of songs and albums in iTunes?

Apple products are well known in the world for the amount of benefits they provide. Either thanks to the customization of devices (you can convert a song from AAC format to MP3 and any other format in seconds for example), or simply to the interface they have, these are the number one in technology. For this reason today you will learn how to change the information of the names of songs and albums in iTunes.

It never hurts to learn something new and much less if it is about a subject that will bring benefits in the short and long term for you. Exactly why today’s appointment is so important, since if you have an apple device, it is obvious that you want to get the full juice out of it and not just stay with what you know.

Change the information of song and album names in iTunes

For those of you who know iTunes, you know that one of its biggest advantages is the fact that when you buy music within it, the albums come with the correct name at once.

However, when transferring music from a device other than the MAC such as the iPhone, or when transferring music from my PC to the iPhone , sometimes the information can be incomplete, representing a problem for the user.

If that is your case, then in order to change the information of the names of songs and albums in iTunes that are not as they should, you must do the following:

First open your iTunes application and go to the section called ” Music ” which is inside the ” Library “.


When you are there, choose the song you want to edit by clicking on it, in the drop-down menu that will appear, click on “Get information”.

This will make a pop-up window appear where you must click ” Info “, there will be several fields where you can edit the names that are incorrect, you just have to highlight them, delete them and finally write what you want. To exit and confirm when finished, click on “ Return ”.

With that it will be ready, so your music will already be ordered or named as it should. It should be noted that this process must be repeated for each song individually.

Add album cover

Once you’ve been able to change the information for song and album names in iTunes, you can also edit the cover art to match.

If you want to achieve this, first go to the ” Album ” tab that is in the same previous section, when you are inside this, click ” Add “.

This action will open a search box that will let you see the image of the cover if you have it on your computer. When you get it, just click the ” Open ” button and then the ” OK ” option , so that it is automatically loaded in iTunes and that information is saved.

In the event that you don’t have the proper cover on your PC, then skip from where you are and go to your song file again.

Choose the one you want and press “Get album artwork” , with that iTunes will start a search process and when it finds the correct cover it will automatically load it.

Change CD information


If you want to change the name of a CD that you have placed in the computer through the drive of the same name. You will have to go to iTunes and look for the information on the CD (if it does not come out directly, you can choose it in the sidebar in the ” Devices ” section).

Then, you have to give the option called “Audio CD” that is at the top of the screen, with it you can choose a new name, when you have finished hit ” Return “.

And voila, with that you already know everything you need to edit in the application, so you can already say that you know how to change the information of the names of songs and albums in iTunes completely. It’s time for you to put your knowledge to the test by downloading iTunes from its page .

And once you have it, it will be time for you to look for more information about this (it is the best program there is), so that you can do things like convert MP4 files to MP3 , or configure continuous music reproductions in iTunes (your limit is yourself).

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