How to change the folder icons?

Customizing the desktop icons , files and folders on your computer, with Windows 10 operating system, is usually a fairly simple procedure and in this article we will explain how to do it.

How to change the folder icons?

If you want to change and customize all the icons of the folders that you have on your computer, you will have to carry out the following steps:

The first step will be to press the right mouse button on the indivisible or visible folder that you chose to change the icon. Immediately a menu will be displayed and there you will have to choose the option of “Properties” , this is always the last option.

Once you are in the “Properties” menu of the folder you selected, you can modify various aspects, but at the top right you will find the “Customize” tab .

In the “Customize” menu you will find the option to “Change icon” and this will allow you to modify the icon. Then a new window will appear with a large number of icons, if you like any of them you can select it and press the “OK” button to save the changes.

In case you want to choose a custom icon you should click on the “Browse” button . Selecting this button will open the file explorer and you must locate, select and open the image with ico format that you want to use for the folder icon.

How to change Windows 10 icons?

If you want to change any icon of a program that is on your computer’s desktop , you will have to go to the computer’s desktop and click the right button to choose the “Personalize” option.

In the menu option “Customize” you will have to select “Themes” , this button is located in the menu that appears on the left side of the window. When you are there you will see a title that says “Related configuration options” and you will have to select the link “Desktop icon configuration”.

Instantly a “Desktop Icon Configuration” window will open and you can change the icon by selecting the program you want and pressing the “Change Icon” button. You can choose between the default Windows icons or by selecting the ico file image you want.

How to change the icons of shortcuts?

Modifying the icons for shortcuts is much easier than changing the icons for folders.

If you want to change the icon of a shortcut that is in the start menu you will have to go there with the mouse and click on the right button, a menu will appear and there you will have to select “More” so that your computer will show you several options .

The option you must select there is “Open file location” to automatically go to the folder where the shortcut is. Then you will have to right click to select the “Properties” button.

In the window that appears after selecting “Properties” you will have to press the “Change icon” button to place the icon you want.

Do you want to customize the image of your icons?

If what you most want is to use one hundred percent personalized images in your icons, we will teach you all the steps you must take to achieve it. The first thing you should know to proceed with customizing your images is that they must contain and be saved in a format called “ico”.

How to get images in ico format?

To obtain these images, the first thing you have to do is select the burned images you like and convert their format to an “ico format” to do that you will need to use applications or pages that allow you to change the format of the images you are going to use. You can do it online with pages like “Convertimage” or download an application like “IrfanView”.


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