How to change the email registered in your PS5 account

Changing the email of a PlayStation 5 account is a security procedure that is not done in a straightforward manner. However, there may be times when you need to. Therefore, this article explains how to change the email registered in your Play Station 5 account and in which situations you should do this process.

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  1. In what situations is it useful to change the email of a PS5?
    1. Selling the device
    2. Lost passwords
  2. What steps to follow to change the email account registered on PS5?
    1. Accounts administration
    2. Account settings
    3. Change email
    4. Verify email
  3. What happens when you modify the email on your PS5?
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In what situations is it useful to change the email of a PS5?

On some occasions, users of PlayStation devices are forced to change the email address that they have registered on the device. So you want to add a new email address on the PS5 and change the main user on that device. This can be due to different situations, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Selling the device

One of these situations occurs when there is a sale of the device, that is, when the PlayStation is sold to another person. Therefore, it is assumed that you are going to stop using this device and therefore, you no longer need your email account to be registered in the video game console.

Likewise, when the device is transferred to another person, you do not want that person to use your personal email account. Well, it should have its own account , therefore, the first thing you should do is delete the email account from your PlayStation and put your account on the new device or create a new one.

Lost passwords

Another situation for which one seeks to change the email registered in the PlayStation account is the loss of passwords or user. In this sense, when you cannot access your account because you have forgotten the data you have registered, it is necessary to remove said account and put a new one on the device. Remember to write down the registered data so that the information is not lost and therefore, you do not lose email accounts.

What steps to follow to change the email account registered on PS5?

The account or email that is registered in a PlayStation is used to be able to do the login in one of these devices. Through this email, the PlayStation service can have communication with all the users that this company has, that is, with all the players.

This email account is used to verify the PSN account that is needed in order to play. In addition, it is necessary to protect account data and to do any privacy customization you want. Let’s see then the process to change the email account registered in the PlayStation.

Accounts administration

The first thing is to go to an internet browser, which can be that of a mobile phone, on a computer and it can even be searched from the PlayStation itself. When you open the browser, it is necessary to enter the PlayStation page and log in to the account management section  .

Account settings

After the previous step, the device enters the PSN account and at the top, you must go to the settings of this account . Among the options that are displayed in the bar, you have to enter the one that marks security. Next, look for the option that says edit, which is next to the login ID name.

Change email

When clicking on the edit button, a new window opens in which it is necessary to enter the new email address. Therefore, write the new address you want to register and to finish you have to click on the save button. Then, for reasons of security, the account will ask you to confirm the procedure by retyping the password.

Verify email

When entering the new account, PlayStation automatically sends an email or message to the new registered address. This in order to do an email verification and ensure that this change is being made in a legal and consensual manner by the owner of the device and the email provided.


So you must go to the email account that you have registered in the PSN account and enter the PlayStation message. Once there, you have to read what the message says and proceed to click on the verify now button In addition, PlayStation sends a message to the account that was previously registered to inform that it has been changed.

What happens when you modify the email on your PS5?

After the email is changed on your PS5 account, there are some changes in the functionality of the device. Well, the data and all the information where it used to be saved will no longer be saved. That is, now there is a new address where the changes and settings of the games account are saved. If you want more information about the mail change go to the PlayStation support section.

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