How to change the display format in Prezi

Millions of things have changed with the evolution of technology. The activities that are carried out frequently in each of the different academic degrees have been, to a large extent, those that have experienced the most changes. The human being is in constant evolution, and must adapt to the new technological era , globalizing his daily life.

The appearance of Prezi

One of the aspects, not only academic, but also labor, that have experienced a great and positive technological impact has been everything that surrounds the presentations .

In this sense, PowerPoint has surely been the program you have used the most for your presentations, but in recent years, Prezi has been gaining ground.

How does Prezi work?

Just over four decades after the birth of PowerPoint and more than 30 million slides made through this program, it was necessary to create a program before the giant Microsoft in terms of presentations. In this way, in April 2009, Prezi is launched.

Do you want to give great touches of originality to your presentations ? Then this program is made for you. Through the manipulation of the different elements that this program offers you, as well as its very particular intelligent structures.

Prezi is an extraordinary tool to leave the slides behind and that your presentation is contained in the same element. Prezi offers its users the creation or modification of slides in any of their presentations : through your computer with its desktop version or via the Internet with the help of information clouds.

The benefits of using Prezi

Despite the fact that PowerPoint is still very up-to-date on millions of computers around the world, Prezi is stealthily but importantly gaining a large space when it comes to doing this type of activity.

As its users discover the advantages that you experience when using this extraordinary program, it gradually becomes the favorite program of the great majority. Do you want to discover some of its best features?

  • With Prezi, PowerPoint slides will be a thing of the past. The particular presentation structure that Prezi offers will allow you to create extraordinarily dynamic diagrams and great visual effects that will capture and hold the attention of everyone present.
  • Thanks to its large arsenal of tools and animations , the originality of your presentations is fully guaranteed.
  • It maintains a free version and a Premium version.
  • A peculiarity that the free version of Prezi keeps. Is that the presentations structured by its users in this version are visible to the rest of the users. This could be very helpful when looking for ideas to structure your presentation.

The importance of screen format

One of the aspects that, without a doubt, is very important to take into account when making your presentations through Prezi, is the screen format. To take advantage of all the effects and the resolution of the projector .

The recommendation, initially, is that screen definition is one of the first things you do when using Prezi to structure your presentation. Since if you have chosen the wrong format and want to change it at the end, it can become difficult to do.

How to change the screen format?

In this sense, Prezi offers you two formats namely: 4: 3 and 16: 9 . The first is ideal for all those projectors that are old. While the second, of course, is for modern ones, which, it should be noted, are adaptable to both formats.

There is a third option called “deactivated”, in case you do not know what format to use or simply do not want to use any.

To change the screen format easily, you just have to go to the upper right part of your screen. Enter Prezi settings and select the format of your preference.

Be part of Prezi!

Be one of the many people who are using Prezi to make presentations more original, fun and intriguing . Make the slides a thing of the past and dare to explore this spectacular tool.


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