How to change the default storage on my Android device

Our Android smartphones have several very practical functions capable of facilitating any task when we want to carry out a specific activity, over time the devices have managed to implement a great variety of functions and also, thanks to advances technological it has been possible to develop new devices with more innovative functions.

These mobile devices are capable of performing functions such as taking screenshots in various ways or they can even record the screen of the same device ,

However, there is still a large number of people who have at their disposal a mid-range or low-end mobile device that frequently has problems regarding its low storage capacity since they have a storage that does not exceed 4 and 8 GB of space and that is currently consumed very quickly due to the consumption presented by the new updates of the Android operating system.

What makes these users have to acquire an SD card in order to increase the storage space of the device and be able to download the applications that they want and also be able to install the necessary updates that the Android device requires.

However, this does not end everything, since you will have to establish the SD card as the new internal storage of the phone so that all the files that are downloaded are stored on the same SD card

How to change the default storage on my Android device

This is known as internal memory expansion , which makes the SD card practically part of the internal storage, giving your mobile device more space so you can download and install more applications. Next we are going to show you how to change the storage of your Android device so that you learn to use the SD memory card in the correct way .

There are some devices that allow you to perform this option directly from the device settings, in case your phone does not allow it to be done in this way you will have to do it through an external application that will not need any root, and that you can find from the Official store of Google Play Store easily and for free, it is AppMgr III .

After having it downloaded and installed on your Android mobile device we will have to proceed to open it and run it on the device, once opened we will be able to see a page that shows us all the applications on our phone that will be able to completely move all their data and files to the storage of the SD memory card that is installed in our phone.

To start moving the applications you want to the storage of the SD card you will have to access the options menu represented by the icon of three vertical lines that is in the upper left part.

Within this section select the option to “move apps” by pressing on it we will go to a list where all the applications of our device are found, it should be noted that we will only be able to move the applications that have the SD card icon in the lower right corner, however applications with an X will not be able to move to the SD card storage.

How to move apps to SD card storage

Performing this action is relatively easy with the help of the AppMgr III application, for this we will simply have to select the application that we want to move to the SD memory storage and press the move button, after finishing the data transfer process, We will have the application data installed inside the storage of the SD card.

There are some devices that have this function by default in their Android operating system, to be able to do it we will simply have to access the device settings, then the applications section, where all the applications downloaded and installed on our phone are found. Android.

Click on the application you want to move, to access its information and other actions, once inside this section click on the “storage” button , where we can choose the storage to which we want to move the application data.

Click on the option “move to SD card” to start the process of transferring information and data, and voila, you will have the application installed on the SD card and you will also have more storage capacity.


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