How to change the default Google account

Within our trusted browser we have the ability to quickly switch between different Google accounts . This ecosystem feature allows us to leverage, for example, our personal account and one or more corporate accounts at the same time. However, Chrome, and other browsers, make extensive use of the default Google account, which is the first to be activated when we access a service like search or Gmail.

In this case it happens that, automatically, Google will make us use that account to enter its tools and services, and to switch to another account we will have to click on our profile image and choose the account each time. . Not exactly the best of convenience especially if, for example, the gmail account we use the most is not recognized as the default one.

Google does not offer any option to change the default account within a couple of clicks, which is why you will need to follow some procedures to be able to change the standard account with which you log into the platform.

Let’s see together how to change the default Google account .

Change the default account to Google.

All browsers tend to associate the concept of default with the first Google account to which you log in. This, in summary, means that to change this account we will only be asked to log out with the various accounts and then set the order one login at a time.

This procedure assumes that we have already logged into the browser.

The first thing we will have to do is to log out of all Google accounts on our browser. We do any search on Google and click on the account button at the top right; here we then click on the item exit all accounts .

Then click on the login button in the corner of the screen to get a screen with a list of all the accounts with which we have connected. We select the Google account that we want to make default and enter the data to log in.

If the account we want to make by default is not present on the list, click on the button  use another account , enter the data finalizing the login and enjoy our new default account.

To understand which account has been made default, simply pay attention to the wording default that appears just to the right of the account name when we click on the appropriate button in the corner of the screen.

What happens if we change default account in Google Chrome?

All the steps described above apply in great detail to the procedure if we use web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Edge or Safari .

The speech becomes decidedly different if instead we use Google Chrome to work or browse . If we use this browser there are some things that we must keep in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The first is that by logging out of all Google accounts we will stop the synchronization of data related to the browser . In order to reactivate it, we will be forced to log in again within the account to which Google Chrome is connected .

The second is that changing the default Google account will in no way change the account we linked our Chrome browser to . To change the account to which Google Chrome is connected, we must first disable synchronization from the program settings and, again from there, log out and log in with the new account.


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