How to change the cursor or mouse pointer in League of Legends?

If you are a fan of playing Legue of Legends, it has surely crossed your mind to change the cursor in LoL. After all, it is not only the means by which you interact with the game but it is constantly in your line of sight. There is no other than adjusting to your convenience.

To do this and adapt the pointer to what you want, there are several options that you can take into account. This time it is not one or two, but four variants with which you can modify the pointer.

How to Change the Cursor or Mouse Pointer in ‘League of Legends’

Change the cursor in LoL to its previous version

If you’ve noticed, one of the latest game updates changed the game pointer to a different one. If you don’t like this one or you are one of the nostalgic people, you can recover the previous one without further complication.

To do this, you must first find yourself in any game. Once there, press the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard and this will open the game options window.

In this window, you must select the ‘Interface’ option that will allow you to manage this section of the LoL . Now you just have to look for the ‘Activate Legacy cursor’ box in the respective section and check it. With this, you have already changed the cursor to the previous one, if you want to change it again, you just have to uncheck that box.

Change pointer size in LoL

If, on the other hand, what interests you is to adjust the game in such a way as to obtain greater visibility, you have several options. Among them, something you can do is change the cursor in LoL in terms of its size so that it does not get in the way. Although you may also want to enlarge it if you don’t see it well.

In this case, you must enter any game and enter the configuration options by pressing the ‘Esc’ key Now you must locate the option ‘Pointer size’ and adjust it in the slider bar, larger on the right and smaller on the left.

Additionally you have other options that also allow you to adjust the size of other interface elements such as chat or hud.

Change the cursor in LoL for a new one

If, on the other hand, the options that the game gives you in terms of pointers you simply don’t like, you have a solution. This is to replace it and change the cursor in LoL for one of your choice, it may seem somewhat complicated at first, but it does not imply any greater mystery.

The first thing you should do is look for a pointer that you like provided by some pages and internet users. These must be downloaded and the system will understand them as a 3D object.

Once you have it, you must now locate the folder where the game is installed. If you don’t know it, try right-clicking on the game icon and selecting ‘ Open file location’. If it is a shortcut, it will open a folder with the icon and you must repeat this process again.

Already in the game folder, you must now open a series of more folders. First, go into the ‘RADS’ folder Then open the folders ‘solutions’, ‘lol_game_client_sin’ and ‘releases’.

At this point a folder should appear with numbers that indicate the version and that you should also open. Now only the ‘deploy’, ‘data’ and ‘ images’ folders remain In the latter you will find the ‘UI’ folder and in it (finally) is the place where you must copy the file you have downloaded.

There you will see a file called ‘Hand1’ and this will be the one that replaces the one you copy, so make sure the name is the same. And this is it, in this simple way you can change the cursor in LoL and have your own custom pointer.

Once you have managed to change the pointer, you will feel more comfortable when playing. Another tip that can help you improve your strategy is using the game history function that will allow you to relive and learn from the mistakes you made.

With all these tips, you just have to prepare to be a pro Player in League of Legends . Before we also recommend that you test yourself by participating in Master Tactics and The War of the Houses .


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