How to change the color of text in a Word document with the color palette

In the Office office suite there is the Word text editor, an extraordinary tool that we generally use for our school or work projects. There are many functions that we can perform with this editor, but very few are known by its users. This is why we will show you in this tutorial, how to change the color of the text in a Word document with the color palette.

One of the attributes that attracts the most attention when we have a text and we want to give it a different touch is through its color palette. Sure, you have other options that will help you personalize, but the most striking is this. And unfortunately, there are very few of us who know how to get the most out of this wonderful tool.

For those of us who use Word on a daily basis, we know that it is a program that has many options for editing our files. We can include images, graphics, modify the text, the format, the type of tetra, etc. but it also has hidden functions that can help us to recover a file from without saving or has been deleted, easily and quickly.

How to change the color of text in a Word document with the color palette

When we are working on a document in Word , we can see that at the top of the screen there is a menu. In it we can see different tabs, among which we can name Home, Insert, Page Layout, Reference, Correspondence, etc. but we will turn our attention to the home tab.

In this tab, you will find the Fonts tool where you will find the different options that will not allow you to adjust the text of your document. Here we can appreciate options such as the font, where you will find a large number of them. Also options to modify the size of the letters , if you want them in italics, in bold or underlined.

But in this section we will also find three important options to make modifications to the text of our document. From left to right we will find Text Effects, with it you can add an effect to a part of the selected text. You have different effects to choose from, the second option is Text Highlight Color .

With this option selected, you can give the text the impression of being marked with a marker and has different colors to choose from. And the third option and is the one that we are going to use Font Color. By clicking on the arrow next to it, a color palette will be displayed and here we can choose the color of our preference.

Steps to change the color of text in a Word document

You already know where you can find the different options that will allow us to change the font and color of our text in the document . Now let’s go on to list the steps you must follow to do this. First you must select which part of the text you want to modify its color. If the document is gray, you can position yourself with the cursor on the left side of the bank sheet.

Then you must click three times and all the text will be highlighted, now the next step is to go to the font color button and click on the arrow. This action will display the color palette, you can see the automatic color which is black, then the colors of the theme. Also below you will see the standard colors, but if they are not enough, you will see another option More colors.

The next thing you need to do is hover over any of these colors and the text will change, so you can see what it will look like. Now when you have finally chosen the color, you just have to click on it. And in this way the text you have chosen has changed color.

As you can see, it is a very simple and fast process to carry out, the best of all is that you can play with the color combination that you can make with this option. Since you can put a color to the titles and to the rest of the text another color, everything will depend on your imagination. And if you have learned how to change the color of the text in a Word document with the color palette.


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