How to change the build of Amazon Fire Stick?

The technological advances that have arisen from the tremendous innovation of the giant of the purchase and sale of articles of any range known as Amazon, have allowed it to diversify as a service offering more entertainment and technology alternatives with services such as Amazon Prime that works as a platform streaming, but there are also other options such as Amazon Fire Stick.

Amazon Fire Stick TV is a new application that allows any TV with an HDMI connector to become a Smart TV, and even connect to your Android screen .

Undoubtedly, it is one of the software that we can find the most useful because it gives us access to a huge library of applications for Smart TV that you would not have had available in previous cases.

However, to get the most out of it, we must take into account a series of settings that will enhance our use of Fire Stick and make our experience more comfortable.

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  1. What should I know before changing the build of my Amazon Fire Stick?
    1. Add Kodi build to your Fire Stick
  2. What is the best way to remove the current build from my Amazon Fire Stick?
    1. Start Menu
    2. Setting
    3. Select apps
    4. Choose ‘Manage installed’
    5. Click on the current build name
    6. Click on ‘Uninstall’
  3. How to choose the most recommended compilation for my Amazon Fire Stick?
  4. How to install a new build on my Amazon Fire Stick?

What should I know before changing the build of my Amazon Fire Stick?

One of the recommended methods to enhance the use of our Amazon Fire Stick is the installation of a compiler that allows us to access popular multimedia centers. Kodi is one of these famous options that will allow us to manage all the multimedia content that is of our degree and for any type of format be it images, music, video or streaming.

Add Kodi build to your Fire Stick

Adding Kodi is extremely easy and it won’t take us more than a few minutes, we just have to follow the following simple steps:

  • First we will have to configure our Amazon Fire TV Stickso that it can install the application, this is achieved by accessing the Main Menu, pressing up with the remote, and then selecting configuration and clicking on the My Fire TV option.
  • Once we have entered, we will look for the option for developersand within this we will activate the Debugging ADB and Apps of unknown origin options.
  • Now to install Kodi we will proceed to look for the APK on the official Kodi page , where we will proceed to look for the option for android where the files to download and install will be located.
  • Once we have downloaded the file, we will look for it on our device and click on the install option, where we will only have to wait for the process to finish and enjoy our optimization.

What is the best way to remove the current build from my Amazon Fire Stick?

In the opposite case that our need is to remove the current compilation configuration or replace the compiler, we will only have to follow these steps to remove it from the device:

Start Menu

The first thing we have to do is go to the start menu with our Amazon Fire Stick and our Smart TV. 


Once we are in the Start Menu, we must look for the “Settings” option. We select it to enter it. 

Select apps

Then, since we are in Settings, we look for the “Applications” option. Once we find it, we click on it.

Choose ‘Manage installed’

This will display other options. Now what we must do is search among them for the one that says “Manage installed” and select it.

Click on the current build name

It’s almost ready. What we must do next is to click on the current compilation name to be able to uninstall it completely and at once. 

Click on ‘Uninstall’

Once we have selected the compilation, we press the “Uninstall” option. Then “Accept” and voila! We will have removed our current build.

How to choose the most recommended compilation for my Amazon Fire Stick?

There is more than one compiler option available to us on the internet, many of them offer interesting and innovative alternatives for their users such as intuitive interfaces, frequent updates or a greater amount of available content.

But if you are just starting out in this world and you do not have an idea of ​​how to choose a compiler, as well as you have little time to research, you can try Schism TV Build, No Limits Magic Build or Lennetch.

How to install a new build on my Amazon Fire Stick?

Once the multimedia center is selected, and as long as we have kodi previously installed , we are going to follow these instructions to install the Lenntech compiler and add it to our device:

  • In the first instance we will go to system configuration, then we will select add-ons and within this option enable unknown sources, this is done in order for Kodi to detect the compiler installation.
  • While on the home screen we will go to configuration, then we will go to the file manager and click on Add source. In this action, a pop-up box will appear where we will write // in addition to assigning the name of the compilation

We will wait until the installation is complete and you send us the confirmation message, we will return to the main screen and go to Program Add-ons, where we go to the Lenntech Build installer and then Simplify Kryton for Kodi Build to finally select Fresh Install .

Once installed, we force the closure and wait about five minutes before using . Once this is completed we will be able to enjoy all the content of our favorite series and movies in a larger catalog.

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