How to change the battery of the bios of the motherboard of my PC

The motherboard battery is essential for the proper functioning of the computer. Either way, with the passage of time it will inevitably lose its capabilities and for this reason it is necessary for you to know how to change the BIOS battery of the motherboard of my PC? – Easy and Fast .

What is the purpose of the motherboard battery?

Surely you have noticed that a small battery is located on the motherboard, but have you wondered what is the function of this battery? The motherboard’s battery provides enough power to the system BIOS for its settings to remain active . When the motherboard battery has gone bad, the system will lose the data stored in the BIOS.

If you notice that the date on your computer has changed to an earlier date , it is most likely that the battery on the motherboard is dead. This means that the basic BIOS settings will have been erased. Like the battery, there are other essential components in your computer, therefore, it is important that you know what and what a motherboard is for before proceeding to make changes or choose a new one for your PC.

How to change the BIOS battery of the motherboard of my PC? – Fast and easy

Changing the motherboard battery is a simple and necessary process after a few years (5 to 10 years), since as with any other battery, the motherboard battery has a limited useful life , after which it needs to be changed.

In any case, to properly change the motherboard battery it will be necessary to take into consideration certain aspects that we will mention below:

Save BIOS settings

This step is not necessary in most circumstances, as systems have default settings that will prevent problems in most situations. Even so, it is highly recommended that you save the BIOS settings . When you consider it necessary, make sure to update the BIOS of your motherboard to the latest version , in this way you will get a more modern interface and other improvements for the configuration of various components.

For this, you can use the camera of your mobile phone and take pictures of each of the menus within the BIOS. This is recommended for advanced users who have made specific settings in the BIOS of their computer.

Turn off all components

Before starting the process, it is very important that you have the computer turned off and that you properly disconnect the cable that leads to the power source. In fact, we recommend you wait a few minutes before starting the process , since some equipment and power supplies store energy for a couple of minutes.

After waiting a reasonable time, you can proceed to open your cabinet and begin the procedure. Changing the battery or cell of a motherboard is easy to do. In any case, if you have questions about it, read this guide carefully.

Change the BIOS battery of your PC motherboard

  1. Locate the battery inside your motherboard. You can recognize it very easily by its flat and round shape . Also, most of these batteries bear the inscription “Lithium Battery”.
  2. Once you have found the battery, you must press on the small metal tab located on one of the edges of the compartment where the battery is.
  3. Press on said tab, in case it is difficult you can use a tool, but do it very carefully and without applying too much force.
  4. By applying pressure on said tab the battery should come out very easily, now you just have to remove it.
  5. After the previous process, all you have to do is place the new battery in the compartment. To do this, apply pressure until it is firm and in position. Lastly, be sure to reconnect the front panel cables to your PC’s motherboard before turning on the computer.

Performing the previous steps you will have correctly changed the battery of your motherboard. In this way the information stored in the BIOS will be eliminated after turning off the computer.


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