How to change the backup schedule in Windows 10

Windows 10 has built-in functionality, which gives us the ability to regularly perform or schedule system backups. However, this option is not particularly known or exploited by the average user, although it is essential to keep our data safe . Let’s see how to manage the Windows 10 backup schedule.

Wanting to give an example, having a backup can help us restore the system in the event that the latter should be unusable due to viruses, external events or unforeseen events of various kinds. Backing up, even to multiple devices, is the smartest way we have to ensure resilience to problematic hard drives.

What we need to know, however, is that this feature is not without flaws.
For example, the Windows 10 backup schedule is set by default the first time we launched the function. Fortunately, we can change this setting whenever we want,replacing it with the time interval that is most useful to us .

We also consider that the backup to OneDrive is interesting, but in case of damage the recovery can be quite long. That’s why the “old” Windows 7 backups are the most interesting: they allow us to keep a local copy of the files.

How to change scheduled backup settings on Windows 10

To change the pre-set backup settings on Windows 10, all we need to do is follow this simple process.

Let’s open the Settings using one of the usual systems and move on to Update and Security .

Select the Backup item on the left side of the screen and click on the Go to backup and restore (Windows 7) option .

At this point, click on the Change Settings item under the schedule parameter .

Let’s start Windows Backup and choose the hard drive where the backup will be placed . let’s click ahead and select the backup method according to our preference.

When we get to the Backup settings check window we pay attention and click on the edit schedule option to the right of the schedule parameter. At this point, it will be possible to schedule how often to make a backup to Windows, choosing the frequency, the day and the time.

Once this is done, click save settings and exit to return to normal computer use.

Disable Windows 10 automatic backup

If we want to completely disable the backup , a few simple steps will be enough.

First, we move to the search bar at the bottom left of our screen and type “Control Panel” .
Once opened, click on System and Security and immediately after on Backup and Restore (Windows 7) .
Once this is done, in the upper left column we will be able to read “Deactivate planning” .
We just have to click on it, and the backup will be disabled automatically.

Delete a Windows 10 backup

If we want to delete an old backup, these are the steps to follow.

We move, first, to the search bar at the bottom left of our screen and type Control Panel . Once opened, click on System and Security and immediately after on Backup and Restore (Windows 7) . Once this is done, click on the Manage space option that we can find under the file path of the last backup made.

Click on View backup , select the backup we want to delete and click on Delete . Subsequently, we confirm the command by clicking on Delete again , by doing so, the backup will be removed and we can return to using our computer in a normal way.


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