How to change screen sleep and shutdown time in Windows

Today we are going to see how to change the screen sleep or shutdown time in Windows . The Microsoft OS has several options so that you can configure not only this, but also the amount of power that the computer requires to work.

You can edit the sleep time, shutdown or when the hard drives will be turned off. You can also decide how much energy you want your computer to use . In any case, we are going to see all this in detail a little further down in this simple step-by-step tutorial.

How to change screen sleep and shutdown time in Windows

  • What we must do is press ” Start ” and then write ” Energy “. The option to ” Edit power plan ” should appear , press enter.
  • Once you find yourself in power options . You can choose how often the screen turns off, you can choose between 1 minute to 5 hours or never directly.
  • You can also choose how often to put the equipment in suspension when it is not used, we can also choose between 1 minute to 5 hours or never.
  • In case you want to configure the different energy options in more detail, what you can do is click on ” Change advanced energy settings “.
  • A new window opens with many options to configure.
  • Among all these options we find the possibility of paying for the hard drive after an X amount of minutes, we can configure the amount we want. We also have cover options, this is for laptops.
  • If you want that when lowering the lid the equipment does not suspend or turn off, you can do it. Even setting the computer’s shutdown button to suspend instead of shutting down. In this way, the only way to turn off Windows would be from its options.

Modify sleep or shutdown time in Windows

From these same options you can configure the minimum and maximum status of the processor. You can even modify the system’s cooling policy, a good option if you don’t use the computer for programs or tasks that are too demanding. You can configure “Passive” to save as much energy as possible.

If you click on ” Power Options ” on the top bar , you will see all the power plans that are available already configured. Generally, the teams come by default with the ” Balanced ” plan, which in most cases is the best.

This plan uses the energy and resources that are necessary to optimally perform the task you are doing. The more things you do or resource-intensive programs you use, the more energy your computer uses for both the processor and cooling.

On the other hand, if you are not demanding too much from your PC, the equipment will be kept to the minimum possible. However, if you want to save the greatest amount of energy and not exceed a certain limit at any time, you can opt for the ” Economizer ” plan, which always reduces the performance of the equipment to save energy, which translates into a better duration of battery .

If you are reading, browsing, editing with Word or Excel and you are on a laptop, the economizer plan is the best because these tasks do not require too much power and will make your laptop battery last longer.

Another plan that we have is that of ” High performance ” here the equipment uses its maximum power to ensure that its performance is as high as possible. What you should keep in mind is that it gets quite hot and consumes a lot of energy, since it will focus on performance leaving everything aside.


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