How to Change Router DNS Addresses

DNS or domain name systems, are part of the basis of the internet, it is in charge of ‘translating’ the domains of the web pages to the IP address of the website. It preserves or has access to all the domains of the web pages, if this did not exist you would have to remember the IP addresses of all the sites that you would like to search on the internet. Can you imagine that?

As you can see, this is something important, and it helps our experience using the internet to be satisfactory, but it also helps in other ways because they play a fundamental role to have privacy and speed on the internet, by modifying it you are increasing the connection capacity , if you want to know how do it, keep reading.

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  1. How does modifying the DNS of my router benefit me?
    1. Improve privacy
    2. Optimize speed
  2. What are the steps to change the router’s DNS addresses?
  3. How do I identify the DNS of my router?
    1. From Windows
    2. Do it on a MAC
    3. On Android phone
    4. On an iOS device

How does modifying the DNS of my router benefit me?

The best option to improve browsing speed and increase its security will be to change or modify the router’s DNS, and it will also be very easy.

Surely it has happened to you that you want to enter a web page and it appears that you cannot enter due to the DNS, this is an error , because the internet by default always connects to its own DNS, modifying it will no longer happen to you.

Improve privacy

Modifying the DNS of the router will reduce the risk of malware while you are on the internet, in addition to offering privacy of your data, since these are very important to expose them on the network.

It also has options to choose parental control, that is, you can prevent access to certain pages that you do not want your children to access, it is undoubtedly very useful.

Optimize speed

You will also get better returns on the internet, whether on the device you are, that is, from your Smartphone or computer, the responses to your searches will be much faster and more efficient. This happens because the router will have faster access to the domains of the web pages, and therefore it will enter faster.

What are the steps to change the router’s DNS addresses?

The steps to change the DNS will not be as difficult as you think, this procedure will be quite easy and safe. Let’s go for it!

First, you must open the router configuration and that will be with the IP. You can enter something similar to this ‘’ or ‘’ in the search engine of any browser , if you do not know what the IP of the router is, you must find out on your computer by opening an MS-DOS window and entering this ‘ipconfig’ and then select ‘gateway’ there you will see the IP of the router. Then follow these steps:

  • Enter the username and password, they are probably ‘admin or failing that ‘1234’
  • Once you enter the router configuration, you must get the ‘DHCP’ server configuration
  • There you will access the DNS configuration, and you can enter two different ones.

Some servers that could serve you and are operational today are: Alternate DNS /, Comodo Secure DNS / and the Google search engine /

How do I identify the DNS of my router?

To modify the DNS of your router you must first identify and thus be able to enter a new one, that is why we are going to teach you how to do it on different devices.

From Windows

You must access the commands, just by clicking on the start button or ‘Windows’ you can enter ‘cmd’. Once you do that you can type in the console ‘ipconfig’ and press enter, you will find the IP address and the DNS you need, as well as you can see it, changing the DNS in Windows is very easy.

Do it on a MAC

You enter the advanced configuration, choose ‘DNS Settings’ once you are in this option you can manually enter the DNS addresses you want, there are multiple options, for example: /

On Android phone

In phones you can also change these servers, after identifying them, in Android if you want to do it you will only have to access the options in ‘Settings’ then enter ‘RED’ there you must click on ‘Wi-fi’. If you press the Wi-fi option you will be able to go from that network to the DNS.

If you want to proceed to change them, you must enter ‘Modify Network’, how? Once you are here you can enter Advanced Options, and choose IP Settings, to click on ‘Modify Network’. Then you enter the primary DNS and then the secondary one you want, then once you do it you must click on ‘Save’, so that your changes are saved and that’s it !

On an iOS device

To be able to find and identify the DNS in iOS it will be quite similar to what should be done in Android, you just have to do these simple steps:

  • Access the ‘Settings’ options, select the Wi-fi functions
  • Click on the blue ‘i’ symbolthat will be displayed on the right of the network we use
  • Select on the option of ‘DNS Configuration’. There you will find your DNS.

If you want to modify them, you must change the options from automatic to manual, and add a server, then enter the two DNS you want to change, and save the changes.

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