How to change resolution DPI in Photoshop CS3

A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is very popular and makes a lot of sense today. The digital age has left a large number of instruments and devices that have come to simplify the lives of many people around the world. Among them the way to change the resolution DPI through Photoshop CS3.

Capturing an image has never been easier than it is today. From basic cameras, professionals, mobile phones, tablets and even through your desktop or laptop computer, if you have the relevant tools, you will have the possibility to take a photo .

The world of design, more important than ever

However, not everything is photography. Digitized images have gained enormous importance in recent years, especially since the emergence of social networks.

Whether it is a page dedicated to sharing memes with all its followers, or much more professional accounts of companies or brands that seek to position themselves as the best, the images that are shared are essential for this purpose.

Many alternative design programs have emerged in recent years. The oldest ones have been renewed from time to time. Carrying out periodic updates to correct errors and implement new tools for the design or editing of images . Among them, that of creating a 3D effect in texts .

How about we talk about Photoshop?

One of those programs that is not missing on the computer or mobile phone of a photo editor and designers, is the most popular software of the company Adobe Inc: Photoshop .

Launched in 1991, this program is a favorite of millions of people around the world who are dedicated to editing images and videos. Now, after almost 30 years in the market, this program continues to reign in the field of graphic design thanks to the great arsenal of tools and functions it has.

High quality images

However, to obtain a great result both with Photoshop and with any other program, you must understand not only the tools and functions of the software, but also some elements that surround an image.

What is the most guarantee of success when editing an image? The resolution . In this sense, reference must be made to IPR.

The importance of IPR

DPI stands for ” dots per inch “, which in Spanish means PPP or dots per inch. When you want to take your image beyond the digital plane, what do you need? Right! Print it out. Hence the importance of IPRs. Through it, you will be one step closer to editing photos like a pro .

The dots per inch are considered parameters related to the resolution of a print . The printers have the ability to produce individual ink dots in one-inch linear spaces.

The higher the DPI capability a printer has, the higher quality and sharper the print. Some do not exceed 90 DPI, while others can reach 1200.

Adequacy of IPR

The number of dots per inch is something that has positive or negative effects directly on the process of printing an image. In relation to size and quality of visualization on your computer , these types of values ​​pass under the table, so there is no need to seek to alter these types of values ​​to keep the image stored.

Now, if you are looking to adjust the DPI of an image to guarantee a high-quality printing through Photoshop CS3, you have arrived at a more than perfect time for it, since, in the following lines, you will have all the necessary instructions for this:

  • Select the image you want to print using Photoshop CS3 .
  • Make the modifications you want.
  • Click on the “Image” tab to later click on “Image size”.
  • In the “Resolution” section, enter the resolution that you consider most convenient.

Ready? To print!

With these series of simple steps, you will have already modified the resolution, and therefore, the DPI of the image to obtain a very high quality print . It only remains to test your printer and verify that this method works wonders. Take full advantage of the useful feature of changing the DPI of an image’s resolution in Photoshop CS3


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