How to change PS4 hard drive

You didn’t think the day would come when the space on your PS4 hard disk would run out, but here you are: you have practically run out of space on the console and, even deleting some titles you no longer use, you are unable to download of the latest “triple A” title you purchased from PlayStation Store. Dejected by this situation, you decided to take “courage” and to look for a guide that would teach you how to change the PS4 hard disk , to understand if it is a feasible procedure, if it is within your reach, and therefore if you can definitively resolve your problem.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then I have great news for you: the PlayStation 4 offers the possibility to replace the internal hard disk, in case it is damaged or simply insufficient to contain all your games and, moreover, it is an official solution that does not require very advanced technical knowledge. Of course: you have to “get your hands dirty” at a minimum, but the procedure is very straightforward and by carefully following the official steps – which I will also point out to you shortly – it is practically impossible to go wrong. Alternatively, I remind you that it is possible to expand the memory of the PS4 with an external hard drive (but giving up something in terms of performance).

Come on then, you just have to read the information collected in this guide and immediately get to work to double or even triple the space available for your favorite games on PS4. Also, you don’t have to worry about which model you have, in this article I thought I’d split the procedures for each PS4 model: Fat, Slim and Pro. Better then get started right away. Enjoy your reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to change PS4 Slim hard drive
  • How to change PS4 Pro hard drive
  • How to change PS4 hard drive
  • In case of doubts or problems

Preliminary information

I can imagine that you are looking forward to having more space to download games at full speed on your PS4, but I believe that since you thought about this possibility, you have immediately wondered: what will happen to the game progress saves once the game is replaced. hard disk? Well, the question is perfectly legitimate, because the data saved on the current disk will not be transferred automatically and the installation of a new hard disk could lead to the permanent deletion of everything.

Fortunately, a solution to this problem exists and it’s called backup . The backup function I am referring to is related to saving game progress, possible by means of a USB stick or via the cloud service of the PlayStation Plus . To make a backup via USB you must first connect a PS4 compatible key (the size depends on the amount of data saved, but 4 GB should be fine) to the port where you connect the controller’s charging cable. If you don’t have a key available yet, you can consult my buying guide dedicated to this type of product.

Once this is done, go to the Settings menu , then enter the application’s saved data management , press on the item Saved data in the system storage memory and, again, on Copy to USB storage device .

Now select with the X key of the controller the games for which you want to make a backup of the saves (or press the key of the controller Options to select more than one at a time) and finally select the Copy button located at the bottom right.

The other method is to use online storage, which is only available to those who have subscribed to the PlayStation Plus service . In fact, even if you haven’t done so yet, you might consider taking advantage of my guide on how to activate the PlayStation Plus to join the service via a free trial and backup your data online.

As a subscriber, proceed by entering the Settings menu > Application saved data management> Data saved in the system storage memory of the PS4, choose the item Load data in the online storage memory , then select the games and saves of your interest and confirms that backups have been made.

Clearly, once the hard disk has been replaced you will have to do the reverse procedure, that is to load the data from the USB storage or from the cloud to the internal one. This is always possible from the menu Settings> Management of saved data of the application , and then choose Data saved in the online storage memory or Data saved in the USB storage device .

Speaking of requirements, it is of fundamental importance to update the PS4 operating system to version 4.50 (or later). To get all the relevant information, give my gudia a read on how to update the PS4 .

In reference to the hard disk that you can mount on PS4, this can also be an SSD , the important thing is that the holder is suitable for a 2.5-inch (9.5 mm) bay . If you have a PS4 first model (FAT) or Slim, the hard drives can be SATA 2 , while if you have a PS4 Pro you can mount both SATA 2 and SATA 3 hard drives .

At the time of writing, PS4 supports a maximum of 8TB internal and 8TB external , for a total of 16TB , but the HHDs and SSDs on the market that physically fit into the internal slot are at most 2TB. In my guides on the best SSDs and in the one dedicated to the best HDDs , I help you choose the solution that best suits your needs, but also feel free to consult the models below.


Samsung Memory MZ-76E1T0 860 EVO 1 TB Internal SSD, SATA, 2.5 “

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To conclude, I warn you that replacing the internal hard disk of the PS4 is a warranty intervention , so you can simply keep the old hard disk in case of sending the console to assistance (so as to keep the larger one for any eventuality) .

The important thing is to use a cross-head screwdriver with a 5.0 mm tip both to disassemble it and to refit it . This is to absolutely avoid damaging the screw and the support. I do not take any responsibility for any damage done to the PS4 as a result of incorrect execution of the procedure below, mind you.


Fixpoint 77095 Screwdriver with Magnetic Bit Holder

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Ah, I almost forgot! What better time to clean up your PS4? Doing so will help her to “breathe” better and therefore to make less noise and cool down better . In this regard, I refer you to my guide on how to clean PS4 .

How to change PS4 Slim hard drive

If you own a PS4 Slim , you can proceed to replace the factory hard drive with one of your choice by first making sure to check the model number .

This information is located on the back of the console, right in the shiny part in the middle of the top and bottom of the case. The writing is very small and you may not spot it right away, so I thought I’d show you the position in the picture.

The series the PS4 Slim belongs to is the CUH-2015 (your exact model may vary). Before doing this you must shut down the system properly and disconnect all cables, including the video signal cable .

With the console disconnected and after checking the model, be sure to place it upside down on a soft or smooth surface: a good idea would be to use microfiber cloths (as in the photo).


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Now continue with the removal of the hard disk compartment cover , detaching it from the case by sliding it outwards, then arm yourself with a screwdriver and unscrew the single screw that holds the hard disk holder mounted to the console. Now pull the hard disk holder with the help of the tape attached to the side. Do this by pulling towards the side where this ribbon is attached.

With the hard drive holder detached from the PS4, you can unscrew the four screws (two on each side) that secure the hard drive. Now proceed to insert the new hard drive into the holder, making sure to match the holes for the four screws to the holes in the holder. When re-tightening make sure not to over tighten the screws, the important thing is that the new HDD / SSD doesn’t play inside the holder.

It’s time to re-attach the support with the new hard drive to the PS4: press until you see it stable and fully inserted and re-tighten the screw you previously removed. Finally, replace the plastic flap covering the hard drive slot. And so there you have it … very simple, right ?!

Now all that remains is to install the system software on the new media just inserted. First connect to this page and scroll down to the gray New System Software Installation button to click it and download the file.

Now connect the USB key to the PC and create the following path X inside it :> PS4> UPDATE> PS4UPDATE.PUP (where with “X” I mean the drive letter of the USB key). Once this is done, reconnect the PS4 to the screen and power and connect the key to the USB port , then, with the console completely off, press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps .

You have thus entered the PS4 Safe Mode . From its menu, navigate using the controller connected to the console via cable and choose Restore PS4 (reinstall system software) , then wait for the procedure to finish.

Please note that if the PS4 does not recognize the USB stick, this may be due to the need to format it in FAT32 : in this case you could help with my guide on how to format a USB stick .

The procedure is thus finished, if everything went well you have access to the operating system of your PS4 again and you can proceed to restore the saves as I indicated in the first chapter . If you are having difficulty installing the system on the new hard disk, you may consult my guide dedicated to the chapter Update PS4 via USB key .

How to change PS4 Pro hard drive

In case you own a PS4 Pro and need to replace the console’s internal memory, you must first check the model number.

The PS4 Pro belongs to the series with CUH-7000 Series initials , easily verifiable by completely turning off and disconnecting the console from its cables and observing the back: right above the power connector, in the glossy central part of the chassis, you will find the initials (exactly as in the picture).

Having done this preliminary check and with the console completely disconnected from any cable, proceed by removing the hard disk compartment cover , recognizable as it is placed in the lower rear part. In case of difficulty in identifying it, please help with the photo attached to this guide, while to remove the compartment itself, a movement of the fingers from the inside downwards is enough.

With the door removed, unscrew the single screw present and pull the mounting bracket outward. With the bracket that contains the original hard disk completely separated from the camera body, proceed to remove the four side screws and, after removing the HDD, insert the new storage medium by fixing the four screws (remember not to over tighten but only until the disc moves).

Proceed to reinsert the support with the new hard disk (respecting the original direction), remember to tighten the screw that keeps it anchored to the console and hang up the door until you hear a clack .

With this step you have completed the assembly, but your console is not yet ready to be used, at least not before installing the system software . The procedure in question does not change according to the PS4 model, so I invite you to refer to what I have already told you in the previous chapter .

How to change PS4 hard drive

If you are an owner of one of the first PS4 models, the one commonly referred to as “Fat” , you probably have a greater need to replace the hard drive, given that most of these factory models have a total space of 500 GB.

Nothing better than to increase the space by yourself then, without having to change the whole console still fully functional just to have more GB. First of all, however, you have to make sure that the model I am talking about is the same one you own, namely the CUH-1200 Series or the CUH-1000 & CUH-1110 Series .

This check is very quick: turn off and completely disconnect the console from each cable, turn it “upside down” and in the lower part you will find the serial number (the one with the bar code) and a little further on the model code.

Checked the correspondence of the model, please proceed to replace it by sliding the upper cover of the console outwards (if you look at it from the front it is the one on the left side with the inscription Sony , in some models it is a glossy color). You have thus discovered the hard disk compartment , held by a screw from the front, then unscrew it and pull the support outwards.

With the hard disk support disconnected from the PS4 proceed to remove the four screws (two on each side) that hold the hard disk to be replaced and insert the new one in its place, being careful not to over tighten the screws (just keep it still).

Proceed by inserting the media containing the new hard drive all the way back into the PS4 and completing the hardware installation. At this point, you need to make the new support usable by installing the system software following the same procedure I have already told you about .

Congratulations, you now have more storage space to download and save the best exclusives and many other content from the PS4 digital library.

In case of doubts or problems

In the unfortunate event that you have encountered any errors or problems when replacing your PS4 hard drive, I believe it is important to know how to contact the PlayStation support center .

In case of need, connected to the dedicated page on the Sony official website and, under the heading Type the problem or question … , write the term “hard disk” , then click the PlayStation 4 button and read all the suggestions that appear at screen.

If even after this attempt you feel you still have problems, scroll down the support page to the item Send us an e-mail , then click it to use the drop-down menu Select a topic and fill out the online form with all the information necessary. Once you have completed everything, click on the Send button , located at the bottom center, to send the request and wait to be contacted by a Sony assistant.


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