How to change powers in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is finally here after years and years of anticipation from fans wanting to see Raz’s adventure continue. The sequel is extremely faithful to the original and builds on many of the mechanics introduced by the first game. Of course, the powers are back and you will find that you will have to switch powers frequently to adapt to various combat and platform challenges. . In this guide we will review how to change powers in Psychonauts 2 so that you can be aware of everything that happens in the game.

How to change powers in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a great game, but it’s true that one of its biggest flaws is the way you have to swap powers. The icons are not very distinctive, you have to pause and open a menu to do it, and you have to do it often enough to make it a bit boring. It is also a bit difficult to know which button is on. This is what it is though, and thankfully, while it’s annoying, it’s not bad enough to remove the game.

To swap powers in Psychonauts 2, press Up on the d-pad at any time. This will open a power wheel and pause the game for you.

In this menu, you can reassign your powers by using the analog stick to highlight any of them on the radial. Press the button you want to assign energy to (only trigger buttons can be used) and it will now associate with that button for quick use in combat. You can change and reassign powers as many times as you like at any time during Psychonauts 2.

However, keep in mind that you can only have four powers equipped at a time, and you have many more than four. Try to keep the ones you use most frequently assigned to one of the four activation buttons; leave the others in the bank and simply change them as needed.

That’s all you need to know about how to change and reassign powers in Psychonauts 2. For more tips, tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions, check out our latest content on Psychonauts 2 here.

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