How to change password in Hotmail and Outlook

Do you need to change the password for your Outlook or Hotmail account ? You should do it periodically or when you detect that they may have entered your account, it is an easy and fast procedure to protect all the information stored in your email.

It is not very common for users who have an email account to change their password from time to time, although it is an important security measure to avoid future problems , for example, a possible account theft and all the consequences .

At least once a month or even a little more frequently, you should change the password to your Hotmail or Outlook, so your account will have less chance of being hacked, something that you can do in a few very quick steps as you will see below .

How to sign in to Hotmail

You just have to enter the web and access the Outlook or Hotmail page , enter your data and once inside follow these steps:

  • Click on the image of your profile in the upper left and enter the option “my profile . 
  • In the top blue bar, click where it says “change” in the change password section.
  • Now put the old password first and the new one twice, when you have it click on save and that’s it.

You can choose to change the password every 72 days, so Outlook or Hotmail forces you to do so, you just have to check the box “make me change the password every 72 days” and you will see how when the time comes it will make you change for a new one.

Remember that once you have a new password, you will have to log in again in the Outlook mobile application and in all those sites where you had a session started because when you do this, the account is closed in all the sites where it was open.

Tips for creating a secure key

It is advisable to follow a series of guidelines to obtain a safe and strong password , difficult to hack, with this you ensure that your account is protected against any threat:

  • Use symbols of all kinds (@, #,%, &, *, /, etc.).
  • The key must be at least 8 characters long, if you have more the better.
  • Use numbers, uppercase and lowercase.
  • Do not use common words, or sequences of numbers or dates that are easy to remember, the more complicated the better.

An example of a strong key could be gbOF $ / 21kD @@ 33, it is difficult to remember, but very secure. Despite this, it is advisable to change it periodically and always have it written down in a safe place or even use a password manager to save them.

If your current Hotmail or Outlook password does not comply with these premises, it is best to change it as soon as possible and you will be able to have your account properly protected against any problem of hacks, key leaks and others that could happen in the future.


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