How to change Outlook profile picture

Among the options with which you can change Outlook profile picture, you can find the image of your choice in the gallery. In this way, people will be able to identify you much faster and you will add a bit of your style to the email, which would help you in better publicity.

It is important to note that the procedures that you will see below are valid for the versions of Microsoft Outlook . If you want to make this same change in gmail , remember that the operation and design is not the same for all applications.

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  1. How to change Outlook profile picture from my cell phone?
    1. Steps to put a new profile picture in Outlook from my Mac
  2. How to put a shared profile photo in my Outlook email account?
  3. Why can’t I change my profile picture in Outlook?

How to change Outlook profile picture from my cell phone?

Most of the people like to add or change Outlook profile picture. To carry out this process, the same pattern is followed regardless of the mobile device from which the program is being used. Many users have gotten used to managing their Outlook accounts from my cell phone, for greater convenience.

How to change Outlook photo from mobile

The main thing you should know about it is that there are certain modifications that are a bit difficult to do from my cell phone. However, to have another avatar you can try Change Outlook Profile Picture with the following steps.

Locate yourself on the main screen of the application on your Android, in the upper right part of the mobile. There is a circular button that contains the initials of your name. Click on it to change the data of your avatar. Immediately, a small menu will appear on the screen called “My account”. This list contains a circumference and in that same section you will see 3 sections, identified as: “My profile”, “My account” and “Close session”. Select the first in the list on the Android .

Now the options of your Outlook profile will appear from the cell phone , such as: name, email address, country and even some advertising. A circle appears on the left side of the Hotmail email. From the cell phone, below the circumference, you can see a section called “Add an image”. Click on it and a screen will appear with a circle and at the bottom two rectangular buttons.

Choose the section that reads “Add image”. There you will see that it changes from gray to blue when you select it in Microsoft Outlook. Automatically, from the cell phone a window appears with the file system of your computer, in which you can search for the image that you want to place to change the photograph. Select the photo of your choice and click “OK” on the Android.

When the portrait appears, you can see that the figure has two layers. A dark and an unshaded circular area. This you can adjust the size of the circumference, this in order that you choose which part of your photo you want to show from my cell phone . Below the avatar is a rectangular icon, called “Save”. Click it after you’ve determined which area of ​​your photo will appear on your account And voila, you have correctly changed the image of your Microsoft Outlook profile from the cell phone.

How to change my profile picture from Outlook on PC?

It is certain that you have already downloaded the Outlook mobile application   and verified that it is not so easy to make this modification from a cell phone. For this reason, it is recommended to change Outlook profile picture by accessing your account in the web application of the PC, since, with the Android version, this action cannot be executed.

So, once you enter the Hotmail email, look at the top of the screen for the photo and click on the edit section. Then, on the PC, you must click on change image , to have access to all the files in your gallery. Now, you can choose the photo of your preference and change Outlook profile picture.

Steps to put a new profile picture in Outlook from my Mac

If you manage your Hotmail email account from a Mac PC, you should be aware that you can use various file formats. In this way, other applications allow it. Therefore, to change your Outlook profile picture, you need to click on the file tab , where you will know your account information. That will take you to the link section, where you have the option to change the image.

From this area of ​​Hotmail, you choose the portrait of your choice. However, depending on the version of Outlook you have, the steps may vary. Therefore, the best thing is to know the latest update of your applications. This information can be found on the device or in the advertising of the application.

How to put a shared profile photo in my Outlook email account?

To change your Outlook profile photo and share it successfully, open the browser and go to the Microsoft Outlook page. Then, once inside, log in and find your inbox. Locate the circle with your photo at the top. Continuing, below you will find a button with the word change. Then, by pressing it, you can choose the portrait that you like the most, just as you do on social networks.

Why can’t I change my profile picture in Outlook?

Remember that the email photo will be your letter of introduction, both on social networks and in any other aspect. So you have to take into consideration the purpose for which you created this account. If the purpose is for a work or academic issue, it is best that you project a professional image in all applications.

Instead, if you have a social topic, you can be more relaxed. Keep in mind that you must ensure that the photograph has an adequate size.  The dimensions and adjustment of the image are similar to other social networks, such as the procedure that is carried out in WhatsApp. So, make sure that to change the Outlook profile picture, it has a medium size.


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