How to change or modify the color of an image in Paint quickly and easily

One of the best tools that Windows has been able to offer us is Paint, which has become a reliable tool that we can all count on if we need it.

However, this is much more than a tool with which you can only draw a couple of lines or arrows, since in general, this is much more than a basic editing program , given the useful functions and tools with which you can count within the program itself.

Within this article, we will teach you the useful way with which you can invert the colors that exist within an image in Paint easily and quickly.

Invert the colors of an image with these steps

Microsoft Paint, you were also known as Paintbrush previously; Within this program, you could find a wide series of tools whose functionality and design have changed to a great extent, since the same company has begun to implement a large series of tools and interface, starting with version 1.0 of Windows.

Here we will leave step by step, the correct way with which you can invert the colors within this Windows tool, but, we will do a little by little review for each of its versions.

Paint in Windows 7,8 and 10

To begin and as if this were part of any tutorial, you must start by opening the program in question, which in this case, would be Microsoft Paint .

Next, you must open the image you want to change the colors and open it within said program, for which you can also click on “File”, in which you will find a drop-down menu, in which you must press the “Open ”And there, find the image you want.

Once you have the file open, you must proceed to click on the arrow that you will see in the lower section, just near the “Select” option .

Here you must enter the “Select all” section, in which you will lean on the right click by pressing just on the image, so that you see a drop-down panel, with different options

As a last step, you must select the option ” Invert colors “, in which you will automatically see, like the same, change. However, you can also take a different shortcut such as ” Ctrl + Shift + I ” with which you will see that we do the same action but in a much shorter way.

This is an easy and simple editing method, with which you can make a quick and easy fix to the image you want, with simple steps. Next, we will leave you the step by step, the same method but in versions of Windows such as vista and some versions prior to it.

How to invert the colors of an image in Paint in Windows Vista and earlier versions

  1. Start by starting the Microsoft Paint application , just by locating it within the list of applications that is inside your computer.
  2. Once you have opened the application, now you must proceed to open the image in order to start editing. To do this, you must proceed to enter the file section and there locate the image you want to edit.
  3. Once opened within the toolbar, you must enter the tools section, located in the upper section and there, proceed to select the “Image” option .
  4. As a final step, you must click on the option “Invert colors”, for which you can also use the letter combination ” Ctrl + I ” as a shortcut .

With this, you will see that the method with which the colors are inverted with this tool is quite simple, proactive and dynamic, since the Paint program not only offers you basic options , but also some advanced options that will be very helpful.


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