How to change or modify an administrator password in Regedit

On many occasions, we have wanted to make certain types of configurations to our PC, but due to lack of knowledge we have not been able to. One of the biggest concerns of users arises when they need to change their computer password.

There are many ways to do this, and Windows currently offers you different tools. One of them is the Registry Editor, better known as Regedit. In this article, we will mention how to change or modify an administrator password in Regedit.

What is the Windows registry or Regedit?

The Windows registry is a database, in which all files and settings are stored , as well as operating system information. In this section you will find all the data related to the software, hardware devices and settings saved on the PC.

This Windows tool allows us to change the passwords manually and certain values ​​that the registry contains. With the Regedit tool, it is possible to create, export or modify registry keys . In addition, it allows you to create backup copies to restore previous configurations.

On the other hand, we can also edit the Regedit registries offline in Windows , which is very useful if we do it with the appropriate precaution to avoid damage to our computer.

When you install a new program on your computer, a new section of codes and instructions is automatically added to the Windows registry. In addition to additional information, such as settings within the program.

In the Windows registry, all kinds of information is stored, which is usually used to keep the system running , such as user profiles, some folders created by programs or hardware devices, etc. Even so, not all applications make use of the Windows registry.

How to access the Windows registry?

To access the Windows registry, it is not necessary to download any type of program. We just have to use ” Regedit “, which will give us access to it. This program is installed by default in all versions of the Windows operating system that exist , so you will not have to download it.

Before using this tool, you must bear in mind that the changes made may affect the system in a good or bad way. Any change in the registry files or values could affect the operation of the computer or certain specific applications . So to apply any type of configuration, even if it is as simple as changing the wallpaper on the Windows desktop , you must be totally sure of this procedure.

For that reason, the changes made there must be correct, since otherwise our system may be seriously affected. However, it can be fixed, either by changing the registry, or by replacing the same values.

Be that as it may, we advise you first to make a backup copy of the previous configurations. This way, you can easily restore your system in case something goes wrong.

Change or edit an administrator password using Regedit

Now that you know all the information mentioned above, we can proceed to configure our registry editor. In this case, what we will do is change our administrator password. This will allow us to have our equipment completely protected and safe. To do this, you just have to carefully follow the following steps:

  • Press Windows key + R  
  • Then a dialog box will appear. There we must write ” regedit ” and run as administrator.
  • In the right part of the window, we will see different folders reflected. There we will select the folder called “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” .
  • We will see some sub folders taken off, where we will select the one that says “software “.
  • Once there, we will click on the Windows folder, and then open the “CurrentVersion” folder
  • Then, we must find the “Policies” folder and within it open the “Systems” folder
  • The next step will be to find the option called ” DisableChangePassword “, right click and select the delete option.

After completing all these steps, we must close the registry editor. Once we are on the Windows desktop, we will press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys which will display a security window.

In this window we will select the option that says Change password, we will place the password of our preference. As the last step, we must restart the computer and our password will be effective.

In this way, we will have already changed our administrator password using the Windows Registry . It is important to note that you only have to do this procedure once. If you want to change the password again, you just have to enter the Windows security menu.


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