how to change or customize desktop icons in Windows 10

You may have noticed, after the installation of Windows 10 , that it has only brought one or two desktop icons, then you might be wondering how to customize desktop icons in Windows 10.

Where They Are and How to Change or Customize Desktop Icons in Windows 10

Don’t worry, the icons haven’t disappeared . Simply by initial system adjustment they are not for display. Customizing the Windows 10 theme and desktop background is easy, so it will be easy for icons too.

That is, we can still find all those characteristic Windows cones in the settings: the recycle bin , computer, the control panel, the user folder, among others. Here we will show you step by step how to place, remove and customize the icons on your desktop. Let’s see.

Place or remove default desktop icons

To modify the visibility of the icons on our Windows 10 desktop we must follow the following steps.

First we have to open the Windows start menu. The one located in the lower left part of the screen, marked with the four little windows of the system.

Now we click on the gear or the “Settings” section that we will see in the menu that has been displayed.

This will open the system settings window for us, in which we will select the fourth item “Personalization” , whose icon is a screen with a brush.

When the window is updated, a vertical menu will be on the left, where we will choose the fourth option “Themes”. Which will take us to the computer’s theme settings.


At this point, the system gives us the choice between modifying the themes or making related changes, we must locate the “Desktop Icon Configuration”.

Thus, the desktop icons configuration window will appear. Here we will have a panel in which the icons are marked and unmarked according to our choice.

If we want the access to the recycle bin and the user folder to appear on the desktop, we just have to mark those two options, click ” Apply ” and that’s it.

There is the possibility to select all the icons to be displayed on the desktop, as well as uncheck all and get a clean desktop, with nothing. Remember to always press apply to save the changes.

Customize your desktop icons in Windows 10

At this point, it is possible that the question with which we started about customizing the desktop icons in Windows 10, still has some validity. Especially if there is a problem such as when the Windows 10 desktop does not appear.

This time, with the goal of changing the appearance of those icons that we have just configured so that they are displayed on the desktop.

The procedure is almost identical to the previous one, here we summarize it and tell you how to customize your icons.


The first step is to locate the gear of the “Settings” of the system that you will find in the initial drop-down menu of Windows 10, find it in the lower left corner.

In the settings, we will select “Personalization” and within this section the item “Themes” found in the vertical menu on the left.

Now, we go to “Desktop Icon Configuration” to access the window in which the dispositions of the icons are altered.

In this way, just below the icons that the system shows you, it also places the options “Change icon …” and “Restore default values”. As we want to customize the icons, we select the first button.

It is important to have selected the icon that we want to change before clicking to customize it.

Finally, we will have a small window that gives us a range of icons included in the Windows 10 system. We can choose the one we want to replace the one that comes by default. Remember to press “OK” when finished to save the changes.

We hope this post is very useful for you, and that you never have doubts again when customizing similar desktop icons in Windows 10.

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