How to change or configure autosave options in Word

The vast majority of the functions that Word uses to create documents are of course of relevant importance. But there are some that if we do not know how to use and configure it, they can determine that we lose our work or part of it. These adjustments are as simple as creating a flow chart . And then we will explain how you can change or configure the automatic saving options of Word.

Many users have complained for this reason, where when making a document with the Microsoft Office office tool . They lose their job due to a power outage, this of course in the cases of using desktop PCs. But it has also been presented when we close a document without the precaution of having saved it before.

What we do not know is that the program itself includes an option that will allow us to avoid the situations we have just mentioned. Therefore, if you are interested in this topic and want to know how to change or configure the automatic save options . We invite you to continue reading this article and know the steps you must follow.


  • Change or configure auto-save options
  • Step to change autosave options in Word

Change or configure auto-save options

When we make a document through the Word file editor it is necessary that we activate the autosave function. In this way, as we are working on our work, it will be saved automatically. In this way we will make sure not to lose the work done due to the causes mentioned above.

But you should know that the autosave function is already active when we make a document. But it does periodic saves every so often and by default it does so every 10 minutes. Which means that we can lose the work we do during this period of time.

If this period of time to automatically save what we do in the document seems very long. We will teach you how you can change or modify this time so that you do not lose anything or almost nothing of what has been done in the document. But do not worry, it is very easy as well as changing the style or design of objects and graphics.

Step to change autosave options in Word

In order to make changes to the autosave time in Word, you need to follow the following steps. To start you must enter the program and then you must go to the options menu that is at the top of the screen. There you must click on the “Files” tab, the options will be displayed and in the left side menu click on “Options”.

This action will now not show a box and we must go to the side menu and click on the “Save” option . Now on the right side of the same box there are different options to configure the saving of the document. In our case, we will go to the option “Save AutoRecover information every”.

And next to it we can see that a number is selected, this indicates the time in minutes that must elapse to carry out the autosave of the document. The minimum time you can select is 1 minute . So if you want you can choose this time and so it has autosaved it will be done every minute.

Another option that you should observe if it is selected or marked is “keep the latest version automatically recovered”. Also, if you wish, you can change the path to the document or you can keep the one that shows you by default. Nothing difficult to make these settings, but remember that you will always have the ability to restore factory settings .

Microsoft Word demonstrates with these types of functions that it is safe to work, without fear of losing information when an unforeseen situation occurs. And thanks to this article you already know how you can change or configure the automatic saving options in Word.


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