How to change nickname in PUBG

Changing your name in multiplayer games is not an easy task. Most often, game makers require money for this procedure, and the developers of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS are no exception. In this guide, we will explain in more detail how to change the name in “PUBG” on all platforms.

How to change nickname in PUBG on PC

For a long time, it was impossible to change your name in the PC version of PUBG: Battlegrounds. According to the developers, this limitation was due to the anti-cheating system built into the game. Considering how PUBG suffers from fans of foul play, such a tough policy seemed quite justified.

However, the ability to change nicknames for PC players has recently appeared. To change your in-game callsign, you need to use a special item – a name change card .

This pleasure is worth an impressive 990 G-Coins (about 700 rubles). The card can only be used once.

How to change nickname in PUBG Mobile

Paid way

Here the system is the same as on a PC – you can buy a nickname change card . You can find it in the store in the “Treasures” section for 180 UC (about 200 rubles).

Free way

There are also free ways to get your nickname change card. There are three of them.

  1. Receive along with the gift after the upgrade.
  2. Very rarely, during events, a special card is issued that can be exchanged for items.
  3. Complete in-game tasks. For example, a name change card can be obtained by reaching level 10 in Progress Missions. If you have been playing for a long time, then you have probably reached this bar, and you just need to pick up the reward. For beginners, a good result in three matches is enough to get this level.

How to change nickname in PUBG on consoles

Here’s the bad news, unfortunately. Your nickname in the game is associated with your ID in the social system of the console (be it PSN or Xbox Live). You can change it only by changing the nickname in these platforms.

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