How To Change My Public IP

Thank God that today users are finally beginning to worry more about managing their data when browsing the Internet. Since the amount of information we store on our devices tends to be quite personal. This time we will answer this question , how to change my public IP?

When it comes to online privacy, the IP address is one of the most important elements, as it can reveal much more information than you think. So in today’s article we are going to focus on that.

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Why should I change my public IP?

Have you ever thought about what an IP address is ? Basically, it is an identification number that is assigned to devices that are part of a computer network. Technically this sounds good, although if you consider what it means, you might think otherwise.

It means that each of your devices has a unique number that identifies them with data. That is why from that address you can easily recognize where you connect from, especially the country and the city.

Likewise, a sufficiently experienced person can track your IP address and know which Internet portals you have browsed. Thus, they will be able to know all the social networks and profiles that you have visited, which pages you like the most and even the porn that you tend to watch at night.

They can even know what searches you have done on Google. This means that if you’ve had any symptoms lately and have been looking for the cause, this person might know it too.

Public IP and private IP What are they and what are the functions of each one?

There are two types of IP addresses that can be defined as public and private. The first is the one that corresponds to the Internet connection, it is stored in the router itself and users can access it in various ways. The second, on the other hand, is to identify the devices that connect to the specified router.

The private address can be changed, because each time you connect to a new network, another will be assigned to you, and this will depend on the public address of the specified network.

Can I change the public IP?

The public IP address is practically inaccessible to users and cannot be changed at all, as it is determined by a set of factors. The main ones are the country from which you connect, where the servers of your Internet service provider are located and your city. It is a perfectly organized and specifically designed system to know where a person connects to the Internet from.

However, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that no one but you knows your public IP address, so that your most important connection details are protected from third parties with dubious intentions.

What is the IP of Spain and the main Latin American countries?

Perhaps you are wondering what is the country from which you connect that affects your IP. Well, as we have explained before, IP addresses are also an organization system to know each device in a connection, they are represented by blocks and these blocks are assigned to each country or geographic region.

It is a very powerful tool to censor digital content, since when you are outside the United States or Europe, you cannot see certain videos that only residents of those countries have access to. There is not a single block of countries, there are hundreds of them, although here are the most important Spanish-speaking ones:


Steps to change your private IP address on Windows, Linux, and MacOS

The private IP address is usually assigned by your own router’s DHCP server, and it usually changes over time. What you can do is change the dynamic IP address to a fixed IP address so that it does not change and is maintained over time.

It is a truly simple process that you can complete in just a few minutes. This is how you do it:

1- On MacOS

If we have not yet answered your question, how to change my public IP? Since you own a MacOS, here is the answer. Things change a bit on Apple computers, but this process is still very easy to do from System Preferences .

What you have to do is simple:

  1. Enter in the ” Preferences System” on your Mac and then go to the “section Red “.
  2. Then, in the left column you will see a list of connections, the one you are using will say ” Connected“, you must select it and then press ” Advanced “.
  3. Then you have to go to the TCP / IP section and mark ” IP Configuration” as ” Manual ” and then write in the box below the address you want to establish.

2- In Windows

In Windows, the tool for dealing with any Internet-related problem is the Network and Sharing Center. From here, you can change your IP address from dynamic to fixed by following these steps:

  1. Access the Windows ” Network and Sharing Center“.
  2. Next, choose the option ” Change adapter settings” and then choose the Internet connection you have, which can be Ethernet or WLAN.
  3. After double-clicking on your connection, a small window will open in which you must choose the ” Properties” option .
  4. After you are inside the network properties, choose ” Internet Protocol Version 4 Address” and click ” Properties ” again.
  5. At this point you only have to check ” Use the following IPv4 address” and in the corresponding fields specify the desired IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway.
  6. It is also recommended in this case to change the DNS, so check ” Use the following DNS server address ” and enter and in the ” Preferred DNS ” and ” Alternate DNS ” fields accordingly.

What methods can we use to change or hide our public IP address?

Well as for How to change my public IP ?, As we have explained before, it is almost impossible to change the public IP address because it is set by blocks that are assigned to each country, as we have already mentioned. However, there are certain methods that you can apply to hide it and that the portals you visit cannot discover it.

1- Proxy

Proxy servers are the second option that allows you to mask your IP address. It is about connecting to a website and being able to enter other pages, so the IP address that you see is that of the proxy server, it is not the original IP address of your Internet connection.

2- VPN

You have to use a virtual private network or VPN, which is nothing more than a tool that generates a tunnel to encrypt the communication of your connection, encrypting your IP address so that it is not known and remains fully anonymous.

3- Tor browser

Finally, we suggest you use Tor Browser , it is the only browser in the world that guarantees 100% the privacy of its users , since it does not leave browsing history, cookies or anything like that. It is available for both mobile phones and computers.

How to hide or change my public IP of mobile phone or computer?

Well, now we are going to teach you how to apply each of the strategies mentioned so that you can start protecting your online communications from now on.

1- With the help of a VPN.

The next option is to configure a VPN on your smart device or PC. You can select from hundreds of existing providers. Of course, we recommend that you invest in paying for premium services rather than free ones, as the latter often lead to information leaks.

After you have the credentials to access. To set up a VPN on your Windows PC, you just have to do this:

  1. Go to your ” Control Panel” and enter the ” Internet and networks ” section.
  2. After you’re there, you should find the VPN section, and when you choose it, look for the ” Add new VPN” option .
  3. Now you have to enter the data that they ask you to connect, such as the IP address of your server and the user data that you have chosen when registering. After all this, you just have to press the ” Accept” option and now your messages are encrypted.

Some VPNs do not require this configuration, since it is enough to download and install a client, as in the case of NordVPN or extensions to browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla.

Download NordVPN for Chrome

Download NordVPN for Firefox

Well, if you connect using a smartphone instead of a desktop computer, you will have to follow these steps to set up a VPN on your Android device:

  • Go to the Settingsof your mobile phone and go to Internet and Network . After you’re there, choose the ” Advanced ” option .
  • In this section, you have to choose ” VPN” and then the ” + ” sign in the upper right corner of the interface, where you will be asked to enter the details of the VPN you are going to configure.
  • Since the data is recorded and saved, your connection will be 100% secure.

As on the computer, several Internet service providers do not require this configuration, since all you have to do is install the app on the device.

2- Through a proxy

A proxy server is the tool that you will find the easiest to use throughout this post. It is similar to a website from which you can access other portals. In other words, you can use it as if it were an Internet browser . The benefit of using it is that when you enter the websites you want, it will show you the proxy address, not yours.

Its usability is very simple. You just have to connect to the proxy network of your choice and, once there, you will see an address bar in the center of the interface. There, you have to specify the country of the server from which you want to connect and, then, the website you are going to access. It will then start to load the target portal as if it were any other browser.

3- With Tor

Tor is a great browser that gives you full control over your data while browsing the Internet. First of all, it uses a unique technology that integrates sophisticated encryption methods, so you don’t have to worry about using a VPN, as well as other functions to optimize the speed of your Internet connection.

Tor Browser is completely free, and you can download it both on your mobile phone and on your PC from the following links:

Download Tor Browser for Windows

Download Tor Browser for MacOS

Download Tor Browser for Linux

Download Tor Browser for Android

The best tools to hide your public IP address

Here is a list of the best VPN extensions and proxies to hide your public IP address and browse the web with the confidence that you are in a totally private environment when browsing:

1- VPN services

Browser extensions are indeed a feasible solution, but they have the great disadvantage that they only encrypt the traffic that passes through the browser and not that of other apps on the system. For this reason, it is always better to have a customizable or deployable VPN that protects all the data on your operating system.

In this sense, the best providers are:

  • com: is one of the best providers. You can be sure that your public address is completely anonymous, and you can use services like Netflix or Hulu without any restrictions. The payment plan provides a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • com: with servers in more than 55 countries, this service guarantees full data protection and you will be able to browse the Internet with 0% censorship, which means that you will enjoy all platforms without limitations.
  • PandaDomeVPN: it has servers in more than 26 countries, you can remove any geographical restrictions from the current Internet. It has first-class bandwidth and browsing speeds.

2- Extensions for the browser

Chrome and Mozilla are two of the most versatile browsers since they allow adding extensions and add-ons that allow the program to provide extra functionality. One of them is to install a VPN extension to encrypt the traffic on them and not show your IP address.

In this sense, the most optimal options you have are:

  • The NordVPN extensionis a very versatile tool that includes a super fast proxy server that can also block ads. With this tool, all your data traffic will be encrypted and protected so that your IP address remains totally anonymous.

Download NordVPN for Chrome

Download NordVPN for Firefox

  • ZenMate for Chrome: It is one of the few and free on this list, but with some good features. It gives you 500MB of bandwidth with your free account, as well as full data encryption that ensures there are no leaks.

Download ZenMate Free VPN for Chrome

  • SaferVPN for Chrome: it is an extension considered one of the most downloaded in the sector. With it, you can get 500 MB of free bandwidth, although it is best to go to one premium account , which is more secure as well as having better functions. The free account undergoes an IP leak test.

Download SaferVPN free for Chrome

  • HotSpot Shieldis one of the most requested VPN providers in the world. Its extension lets you log in to activate its service, as well as block cookies and advertisements from all the portals you visit.

Download Hotspot Shield Proxy VPN for Chrome

Download Hotspot Shield Proxy VPN for Firefox

  • ExpressVPN for Chrome: if you want to encrypt your IP address and surf at the speed of light at the same time, you have to install this extension. It is very simple as it does not include any extra features, but it has the highest bandwidth and good internet speed.

Download ExpressVPN for Chrome

3- Proxy servers

We present you with a list of proxy servers that will allow you to browse safely without having to configure or download anything. The best service providers to hire are:

  • Overplay: it is safe and quite fast. A proxy server that gives you a complete and private browsing experience and also removes ads from all the portals you visit.
  • PrivateInternetAcces: Commonly known as PIA, this is a VPN provider that also includes a great lossless proxy service. It’s free, but you can only access them if you hire a virtual private network.
  • TorGuard: it has nothing in common with Tor Browser, although it supports the mission of offering an online experience with the greatest possible privacy, it lets you browse with a completely protected IP.
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