How to change my payment method in DiDi?

In the case of the DiDi mobile application, it has an extensive system of options that allow you to cancel the trip in any way. The most used is paying for trips with a visa or credit card, because it is done from the Android application even when requesting the trip. It is important that in the event of any strange situation that may be noticed when configuring the data, they contact the platform’s service center to confirm.

How to add or remove payment methods in DIDI

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  1. What are the payment methods that DiDi allows?
    1. Using cash payment
    2. With a credit card
    3. Desde DiDi cash
  2. How to change the payment method in DiDi?
    1. How to remove my DiDi card? Credit or Debit
    2. Steps to delete my card in DiDi
  3. Is it possible to change the DiDi payment method during the trip?
  4. How can I add or remove different payment methods in DiDi?
    1. From the ‘Confirm’ button
    2. Directly from the ‘My wallet’ option

What are the payment methods that DiDi allows?

The different means of payment allow the user to have the ability to decide to use when paying for the next trip. In the event that the payment is made with a card, it will be made at the time of requesting the trip and the application will cancel the driver’s earnings for the trip . Using the different types of cards often avoids the complication of change or having the full amount of cash. For this reason, all forms of payment and those that are allowed to be modified are the following:

Using cash payment

The use of cash payment would not need to be modified because when you choose it, you must deliver the amount agreed by the mobile application to the driver before confirming that you have reached the destination. In the event that the user makes a mistake when placing the cash option and wants another means of payment, they must cancel the trip and request another with the correct payment method.

With a credit card

One of the options that you can edit when registering one is the credit card. You can modify this same one in the upper part where the main menu is located or in your profile (in the three horizontal lines) where you will press to access the new payment option. From this place you can modify the credit card. That is, unlink the one you previously affiliated with and register the new card you want.

Desde DiDi cash

This electronic wallet is an option that the DiDi platform has to be able to recharge and use the money to pay for your trips or pay telephone bills. It is important that you know that it can be recharged by credit card or in a physical store like Oxxo, where you will only need your phone number to recharge . Therefore, it is a payment method that you do not need to configure or change the data.

How to change the payment method in DiDi?

Within the possibilities of canceling a service in DiDi. There is the option to modify the payment method you want to make on Android. Through the internet and with Wi-Fi. Removing or changing and unlinking a card is very easy.

Well, changing the payment method on this platform is simple. You must go, whether you are a passenger or a driver, to the part of your account information. Go to the settings and thus enter the payment method option. Here will be the possibility to change this with your wallet with the ones that will be shown there.

How to remove my DiDi card? Credit or Debit

As well as changing the payment method and the payment method on the platform. You can also remove the bank account or card that has been added. In this way, said wallet can be unlinked and deleted in order to place another one.

Steps to delete my card in DiDi

You must go to the options of your account and from there go to the Card part. Here will be the configurations that you can make. The one you already have will be shown, and in the corner is the possibility to change, unlink, delete and thus delete a card.

Is it possible to change the DiDi payment method during the trip?

Well, after you’ve selected a payment method, you won’t be able to change it during the trip. However, this is for those people who have already placed the payment method from the beginning.

However, if you have not paid yet and want to change the payment method during this, since it is easier for you. We tell you that if you can do it. Either from your Android on the internet or with your wallet you can do it.

How can I add or remove different payment methods in DiDi?

Payment methods in DiDi can be added or removed in case you change your data. Above all, because we can usually have more than one credit card that we can use to pay for a trip. The idea is that you know two options to edit this data and do it in a simple way. Remember that if you are going to make a data change in any payment method, whether in cash or another, do so before requesting the service on the platform.

Because when requesting a trip you will have to choose the method and if it is not updated or you do not have funds (credit quota) in it, you will not be able to request it. In any case , you can count on the DiDi credit service and use it to pay for the trip. You can change the payment method in the following ways:

From the ‘Confirm’ button

It is the easiest option to configure the payment method or to change and delete the data that you had previously configured. This is usually done from the confirm button before requesting the trip.

That is, put the address where you want to go in the application, even if you choose two destinations . It will appear to choose the payment method above the ‘Confirm’ option in these options you can get the payment method and change it with the data you want to enter . What is necessary is that, if you are going to pay by card or cash, when you confirm you cannot change the payment method.

Directly from the ‘My wallet’ option

Another option is done from the main menu. In the part of your profile, within the options that are displayed when you press the button on the upper left, you will find the option ‘My wallet’ and thus be able to access ‘Payments’ and thus delete a card .

There you can not only add new payment options, but you can also edit the ones you already have, such as removing or deleting a card. You have to keep in mind that in the event that an error appears when you want to affiliate your card, it may be internet problems or that you are not entering the information correctly.

The DiDi platform accepts cards such as: Diners Club, American Express, MasterCard or Visa. Sometimes they have offers for users who have any business visa franchise card, you should check with your Visa provider.

To avoid errors in the affiliation or configuration of your payment method, such as the credit card, it is important that you are in a wi-fi network. Because you will have better access to upload and download data. It is important that when using the mobile application we have enough data download or a good wi-fi signal so that you can pay with your wallet.


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