How to change my Mozilla Thunderbird account password

Mozilla is a foundation that since its inception has been in charge of designing the best free software available for easy download 

Years ago this organization created an email called Mozilla Thunderbird. This email will allow users to receive and send hidden emails, news or information and access an open source chat.

How do I change the password for my Mozilla Thunderbird account?

If you need to change your password in this email to obtain greater security or simply because you forgot it, in this article we will explain all the steps you must follow to achieve it.

The first thing you have to do is go to the Mozilla Thunderbird email page and log in . Then you will have to locate the “Tool” button , this is in a bar that is at the top of the screen.

Click on the “Tools” button and then select the “Options” button . When you select this button, a menu will automatically open where you can select the security tab.


In the security tab you will find the “Passwords” button and within this the “Saved Passwords” button. Once you click and enter the “Saved Passwords” menu, you will be able to view the accounts you have registered in Mozilla Thunderbird.

To access the list of passwords for all your accounts, you must press the “Show passwords” button on the right.

After pressing “Show Passwords” Thunderbird will show you a notification whose content is a message asking you if you are sure that the email shows you your passwords.

To continue with the password change process, you will have to press the “Yes” option and immediately you will be able to see all your passwords .

To choose another password you must click twice on the password you want to change and you can delete it to write a new one. Finally you will have to restart the email to keep the changes.

In some cases the bar will be represented by an icon in the shape of 3 small stripes located in the upper right corner of the page

How to reset Mozilla Thunderbird email?

Restarting Thunderbird email is a quick and easy procedure, to do so you will have to save the changes and exit the email. After a few seconds you will be able to enter again and voila you will be able to use your new password.

After completing all the steps explained above to change your password, it is necessary that you perform this procedure to make sure you save the changes you made.

How to put a master password in Mozilla Thunderbird?

We recommend that you put a master password in the Mozilla Thunderbird email because it will allow you to access all your accounts just by entering this password.

In addition, your accounts will automatically be more protected since they will not be able to access your saved passwords without entering the master password that you created. To create a master password you must follow the following steps:

The first step you have to do is enter “Options” and in the security tab you will find the “Passwords” button .


Within “Passwords” you can check a box that says “Use a master password . ” Now think of a good password, add it and press the “OK” button and that’s it.

Tips for creating a strong password

It is important to choose a strong password for your email account, since you could keep or receive important private information. Here are some tips to help you create the best password :

  • Make up a word that you can easily remember.
  • Use number combinations and add interleaved uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Add punctuation marks to your password .
  • Do not put letters and numbers in a row or personal data such as dates, amounts or names of your loved ones.
  • The longer the password the better, but remember that you cannot forget it so don’t overdo it.
  • Do not use the same password for all your social networks because if they discover it it will not be a pleasant situation, since they would have access to each one of them.

How to download Mozilla Thunderbird?

If you still do not have the Mozilla Thunderbird email software, you will have to enter the official website and press a green button called “Free Download” and the download will begin immediately. When the download is finished you will have to install it on your computer.


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