How to change my account from Google Drive to Google One?

For all those people who maintain a great diversity of files and multimedia content on a computer, it is of great importance to maintain a backup of information .

USB storage devices run the risk of being infected by viruses or malware that another computer may have, which could damage your files. In this sense, storage clouds are a very good alternative.

Google drive

In this way, Google unified each of its services to provide users with a platform that could contain everything : emails, photos, videos and documents.

What does Google Drive offer ? An attractive amount of 15 GB of storage for free, and can be expanded based on the rates imposed by the company.

This platform, available mainly for Android, although it is also found on iOS, although Apple-brand devices have their own storage cloud, you can also use it from your PC.

What does Google Drive offer?

This service is not limited only to the storage of files and multimedia content on your Smartphone or computer. It has other features that are just as interesting and useful, which you will learn about below:

  • Automatic synchronization between mobile device or computer.
  • View files without the need to maintain an internet connection.
  • File editing.
  • Upload and download documents from any computer or device.

Google One

Now, to improve the storage service, Google announced, in 2018, the birth of its new service: Google One. This platform has a series of extra storage services and benefits for its users. Do you want to know a little more?

Advantages and benefits of Google One

What makes Google One different from Google Drive? When both services have many similarities in terms of the basic functions of storing, viewing, editing, uploading and downloading documents and multimedia content.

However, Google One implements a series of extra functions, in addition to benefits for its users , which can be quite striking. Among those that can be highlighted are:

  • Offers and discounts on payment for the purchase of applications on the Google Play platform .
  • A minimum of 15% and a maximum of 50% discount on hotel reservations. How? Through the very special hotel search engine implemented by Google.
  • Storage capacity is another great strength of this service. It should be remembered that the enjoyment of this platform is by subscription, and its most basic plan is 100 GB.
  • Finally, it offers the possibility that the service is shared by several users, allowing a total of 5 members.

How to switch from Google Drive to Google One?

Accessing Google One services is extremely simple. Mainly, you can do it through their website, by clicking here . Or you could also follow the instructions below:

  • Access your “Google Drive” account.
  • Visualize, on the left side of your screen, a navigation bar where you will find the option to “Purchase more storage”.
  • This will automatically direct you to a page where it will offer you both the paid Google Drive services and the different plans available for Google One.

Increased storage

If you are one of the people who keeps too much stuff and 100 or 200 GB of storage is not enough, don’t worry! Once you have subscribed to Google One services, you can change the plans of this service that offers up to a total of 30 TB.

Doing so is just as simple, you will simply have to access the Google One interface and you will see a button to obtain more storage , choose the one that best suits your needs, and voila!

You already decided?

Google Drive will always be an excellent ally when the file you need to save in a storage cloud does not take up too much space.

If not, do not hesitate to subscribe to the excellent services of Google One and start enjoying, not only its large storage capacity, but also the different advantages and benefits it offers.


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