How to change League of Legends username for free – Change LoL nickname

The world of video games is a very different one from the real one, being one in which we immerse ourselves in a fictional universe with its own rules and regulations to follow.

Within this world, whether through the game itself, in forums or in online gaming communities , it is even possible to make a name of prestige or that stands out due to our success, notoriety and collaboration with the community.

It is easy to do this, since we only have to be active within each community, but since it is a very different world from us, we will not always be known by our real names.

How to Change League of Legends Username for Free – Change Nickname LoL

People often adopt a digital name, an IGN (In Game Screen in English) or a pseudonym with which we can differentiate ourselves from others or make us feel more immersed in the digital world.

These names are quite common and are not limited only to video games, since we can see them in all kinds of chats, social networks and others. And, depending on what you do for the community of a specific game or how famous you become on a competitive level , your name will become more or less popular among connoisseurs of the medium.

However, it must not be famous either to mean something, since it must mainly mean something to the same player. The pseudonym of each player within a game can be their identity, and it is the perfect opportunity to play someone else in another universe.

The same happens in League of Legends, where one of the first steps required to start playing is choosing a pseudonym or summoner name . However, sometimes these names can end up not being to our liking, so we can change it by following this tutorial.

Why should you change your username?

First, you have to differentiate two things about the username, since when we talk about it we refer to the summoner’s name, the name that is seen on your champion and by which the name will know you within the game.

We are not referring to the name you use to log in, which you can change via the support page or by contacting Riot support about this issue in case it might be a typing error or something else.

As for the summoner name, it is natural to be able to choose something with which we feel comfortable, and it is important to do so since over time it can seem a bit boring. The idea is that you are fascinated with your name, how it sounds and how you feel about it.

If you chose the name of a fictional character with whom you no longer feel identified, which nowadays does not sound so good, or for a multitude of reasons, you should change your name , although think carefully before carrying out the process as it may be an expensive one.

How to change summoner name?

To be able to change your summoner name, you must enter the League of Legends client, and when you are within it you will have to enter the upper ‘Account’ button that has the shape of the profile of a person with a gear. Within it, you can find a way to change your summoner name by following the steps that appear on the screen.

However, you must bear in mind that in order to change it you will have to pay 13,900 Blue Essence or 475 RP , keeping in mind that if you use an inappropriate name, it will be changed instantly without the possibility of a refund.


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