How to Change Icon and Name of iPhone Apps Without Jailbreak

We all know that iOS does not have many options or tools to personalize our cell phone, it has quite limited and basic options for this, however, there are App that can help us to style our iPhone, you just have to install themes and fully customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

In this tutorial we will explain how to change the icons of the applications without Jailbreak using iCustom, since as we mentioned before, the options are limited and changing icons and names of applications is not possible to do it from tools.

Let’s talk a little more about iCustom. This is a free iOS application that allows you to change application icons for custom icons quickly and easily. Below we will explain step by step how to do it. You must have certain apps to change the app icon .

Steps to change an application icon using iCusto

Before explaining how to do it, we wanted to give you a recommendation: first download the icon you want to place in the applications, so that when the time to change it comes , the images will already be on your reel.

Step 1

Enter Safari and place the iCustom link in the search engine , after you have entered the main page, a button called “Star Now” will appear , you must press it.

Step 2

If you scroll down, you will be able to reach an option to choose the type of application, this is a filter so that in the next step you can easily reach the application you want to change the icon to and you can choose between the downloaded applications and native applications.

Step 3

After you have chosen the type of application, in the option located below, you must choose the specific application that you want to customize.

Step 4

In this step you must choose the image or photograph that will be placed as an icon. It can be searched by a URL or by means of its reel, so press the option “Select file” and then “Select existing” to choose the icon from your reel.

Step 5

After the image is chosen, if you scroll down a bit you will find the “Let’s Go” button, you must press it.

Step 6

Now a box will load at the top of the screen, when it finishes loading press the “Open PopUp” button, a new page will automatically open in Safari.

Step 7

The Safari page will direct you to the application you have chosen, tap on the button below and right in the center of the screen to add this page to home.

Step 8

Now you just have to give the icon a name and hit the “Add” button and that’s it. When you press the icon that has just been created, the application will open with its new icon.

Steps to rename apps on iPhone


Unfortunately doing this is not possible if your iPhone does not have Cydia , and to have Cydia it is necessary to do a Jailbreak. In case your cell phone has been rooted, we will leave you the steps to do so.

We recommend not rooting it if you are not sure how to do it since you can lose your cell phone completely, so we recommend asking for help or taking it to a technician who has more knowledge about it.

Step 1

Open Cydia or the Installer that you have downloaded on your cell phone. Then open the “Utilities” section and install the application called “Rename”.

Step 2

When opening the application, find the App you want to rename and press it , a window will appear in which the new name of the application must be placed.

Step 3

After having changed the name, press the “Rename” option and thus when exiting the application, the App will have already been renamed.

Although the customization options are limited, thanks to applications such as those mentioned above, it is possible to make our iPhones a little more original.


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