How to change Grub boot order in Ubuntu Linux

The Grub menu is the one that is displayed on the computer when it is started. This consists of presenting a menu to choose the system to which you want to enter or automatically it executes the one configured by default. Most of the time the order of this menu is annoying and messy, for this learn how to change the boot order of Grub in Ubuntu Linux.

The order of this menu is defined by the last installed operating system. If, for example, Windows is installed first and then Ubuntu ( yes , you can install Linuxy Windows 10 on the same computer ), the latter will be first, so it will start automatically if one is not chosen. It is of great value to know how to change the boot order of Grub in Ubuntu Linux and also to know how to configure it.

Steps to change Grub boot order in Ubuntu Linux with Grub Customizer

This program allows you to configure the Grub menu and change various aspects. Without it, it would be necessary to use a terminal and enter different commands to perform different functions.


The first thing to do is install Grub Customizer. To do this, you must enter a command terminal by pressing the “Ctrl” , ” Alt ” and ” T ” keys at the same time.

In the terminal you must write the command “sudo add-apt-repository ppa: danielrichter2007 / grub-customizer” and run it. Then we will proceed to execute the following command, “sudo apt update”. Finally, only “sudo apt install sudo grub-customizer” will be missing With the execution of this command, the program to modify and configure the Grub menu will have been installed.


Changing the order of the boot menu

To start the change in order, the Grub Customizer program must first be run from the launcher . Due to the need for administrator permissions, it will ask for the password if it is available.

On the main page of this program, a list will appear at the bottom of the toolbars and settings. This list refers to the order of the Grub menu when you turn on the computer.

To modify your order, you just have to drag it by pressing the click and give it the position you want. Once all the modifications have been made, the save box must be pressed and after that restart the computer to apply the changes.

Keep in mind that if an error occurs you can always recover the grub in Ubuntu Linux , using bootrepair.

Steps to change the Grub boot order in Ubuntu Linux from the command terminal

This method of changing the boot order is more complex, however, it does not require the installation of any external program, since it is done directly from the Ubuntu terminal.

For this, you must run a text terminal such as Root, insert the following command “nano / etc / default / grub” and execute it. Then the configurable items of the Grub menu will appear. In the terminal you will find a parameter titled “GRUB_DEFAULT” and it will have a numeric value next to it. Generally this is 0 or 1.

This parameter indicates which position the menu will take to automatically choose the operating system that is in that place. To define another parameter, you must first know how the operating systems are organized in this menu at startup.

After having this data, the number of the aforementioned parameter will be changed to the position that you want to execute automatically at startup. It should be noted that this parameter takes the beginning of the account at 0 and not at 1, so if the desired operating system is in position 3, the numerical value 2 must be placed.

Finally, you can change the time it will take for this to automatically choose by modifying the value of the “GRUB_TIMEOUT” parameter , which is expressed in seconds.

To finish the process of changing the Grub boot order in Ubuntu Linux, you must save the changes and close the Grub configuration window. After that you must enter “Update-grub2” in the command terminal as root.

With that you no longer have anything to learn, now you can go and find more information such as how to change the forgotten root password , which is also done from grub.


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