How to Change Gmail Profile Photo on Android

Profile photo is one of the identifiers that we usually use on social media or certain applications.

For example on Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, WhatsApp and also other social media.

In Gmail, we can also use a profile photo as an identifier.

So when we send an email to someone else, that person can see our photo as the sender of the email .

This is a very useful additional feature. The recipient of the email becomes easier to identify who the email sender is .

For those of you who have just created a Gmail account and still haven’t installed a profile photo, my advice is to install it immediately so that your Gmail looks more professional.

If you don’t know how, Androbuntu friends can follow the short tutorial below.

How to Change Gmail Profile Photo on Android and iPhone Phones

Make sure you have the Gmail application installed on your Android phone or iPhone, and make sure you are logged in or logged into your account.

If so, open the Gmail app, touch the default profile photo in the right corner of the Gmail app, then tap the camera button next to your name. Then tap the Add profile picture button .

Then select a photo from the gallery on your Android phone. Then resize it directly from the Gmail app to fit the way you want.

Once everything is in order, tap the Save as profile picture button . So now your Gmail profile picture has changed.

Now everyone who receives an email from you, they can see your profile picture.

The profile photo also applies not only to Gmail, but also to all Google services such as Google Drive , YouTube , Google Docs , Google Classroom and other services.


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