How to change Gmail password

In the technological age that we live in, it is very normal that all our transactions or extracurricular activities are carried out on social networks such as Instagram or emails such as Gmail. But, of course, creating these accounts is not just creating a user, it is also necessary to create a very strong and personal password .

So we always keep in mind that passwords are like padlocks that save and protect our most important and private data, so they must always be remembered . However, all of us have ever forgotten one or the other; and generally, it is the one of Gmail, because perhaps we little use it.

The Gmail platform, like other social networks, allows us to recover passwords when we lose or do not remember them, and it is not necessarily changing it to be able to enter. Therefore, here we will explain in detail some outstanding aspects of the functions that Gmail has to log in without a password.

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What is Google Gmail?

Let’s first talk about what Gmail is and what it offers us; is a service offered by Google to facilitate messages through emails, and it is very easy to create an account . It is a very secure platform, as it has antivirus and spam message filtering, so you don’t have to worry about it and use it comfortably.

One of its most used functions is the connection with Google Drive , with this option you will have access to the cloud where you will find all the information previously saved.

In addition, Gmail offers about 15 GB of storage shared with Drive and Google Photos, which is a disadvantage when using it with very large files. Now, as promised is debt, we will explain what we mentioned at the beginning of logging into your Gmail account without having to enter a password.

How to log in to Gmail without entering the password?

Carrying out or activating this process in Gmail is something simple, without the need for many detours, so the first thing you should know is that your computer must have a lock. This function of logging in with our mobile phone has even been classified as a very safe measure , since it is you who will give it the specified access.

For this, you must go directly to the beginning of Gmail and enter the username of your email as you have always done. Then, looking screen option ” Security ” and ” Start Session “, select ” Use your phone to sign “, where it is safer to have the option to enter.

To continue, you must follow the steps that are given on the screen, such as confirming that you are trying to access the account from another computer. To do this, they will send you a message that will appear on the screen where you must answer ” Yes “, then a figure will appear that you must confirm that they are the same on both screens.

If the case is that you want to deactivate this option, you just have to enter ” Security ” again, and in the function ” Use your phone to log in “, you will find the options. Once there, you will have the option of how to deactivate it or add or change your mobile by following a couple of steps like the ones you did previously.

On the other hand, if you lost your phone, you have stolen or simply do not have any numbers associated with the same support Google gives certain recommendations q ue worth following . Although, at first the phone and your data will be protected by the screen lock, it is best to go to settings and log out of a device that you no longer use.

Advantages and disadvantages of using this Gmail tool

There are many users who find it tedious to have to enter the password every time they go to enter the email. So, by activating this function you will have the opportunity to enter your tray faster , and at the same time you save yourself from looking for how to recover the password you forgot.

However, like all the tools that we can use in networks today, this tool can also have one or another disadvantage. One of them is the one we mentioned before, if you have lost your phone it will be somewhat difficult to recover the account if you do not remember the password , but it is possible.

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