How to change date of birth on Facebook

When we want to have an account on a social network and in particular on Facebook, we are asked to enter some personal data including the date of birth. Since it is necessary to be a certain age to create an account , regardless of whether we do not have a phone number or email.

But it is possible that due to various circumstances you want to modify this data. And it is for this reason that below we will show you in this article how to change your birthday or date of birth on Facebook super easy.

Facebook is a social network in which everyone wants to be, since by this means you can know what your friends are doing and sharing at all times. Since this platform allows you to communicate with them through written messages, voice messages through Facebook Messenger or you can share photos and videos.

But now and thanks to the changes that can be made to the platform, something that was unthinkable in the early days of the social network. It is possible, for example, to change your profile photo or change your username from your own cell phone. But now we will show you how easy it is to change your birthday or date of birth on Facebook.


  • Step to change the date of birth on Facebook from the PC
  • Step to change Facebook date of birth on Android

Step to change the date of birth on Facebook from the PC

To start with this tutorial it is necessary that you enter your Facebook account from the computer and being in your profile. The next step is to go to your username that is in the blue bar and you must click to show a new window. In it we will go to the “Information” tab that is right next to the biography.

This action will generate another window where we can see information about our profile, the next step is to click on the option “Basic and contact information”. We will be directed again to another window and in it we will locate and select the option “Basic information” and this action will display the information on the date of birth, year, sex.

In our case we will locate ourselves in the data “Date of birth” and to its right we will find the option “Edit” in which we must click. This action will allow the different fields to be displayed to edit the day, month and year. Once you finish with this process, you must now click on the option “Save changes” and thus you have made the change of Facebook date of birth on PC.

Step to change Facebook date of birth on Android

In the event that you want to do the process of changing your birthday or Facebook date of birth by mobile, you must follow these steps. Enter your profile on the social network and then you should go to the upper right corner. There you must locate the three-line icon which you must click to display a menu of options and from them you must choose “View your profile.”

Now we can see other options such as Add stories, see how, etc. but in our case we will click on the option “Edit profile”. In the next window we will scroll to the bottom where we will find the option “Edit the Information section”. By clicking on this option we will be taken to its section and we will find a new option “Basic information”.

We will see data about our information and we will select in the “Date of birth” field, now we only have to edit the information about the day, month and year. In order for these fields to be applied, you must click on the option “Save. And in this simple way we have changed the date of birth or birthday of Facebook on an Android mobile.

As you can see, they are options that now allow you to change the social network and that you could not do before, such as change your name before 60 days. And if we finish with this tutorial that could show you the steps to follow to change your birthday or date of birth on Facebook.


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