How to change Bixby button on any Samsung mobile?

As technology advances, new tools and features are emerging that promise to make life significantly easier for users. This is the promise made by the renowned brand of electronic devices Samsung. Being more punctual, with their mobile devices with the inclusion of Bixby. In the following article we will show you how to change and configure the Bixby button on any Samsung mobile.

But what is Bixby all about , this is nothing more than a virtual voice assistant, to which you give voice commands, these you have previously configured and performs a certain task . These are called quick commands and promise to greatly simplify the pace of life of users who have mobile phones of this brand.

All the tasks that this assistant can carry out are incredible, from reading your text messages to telling you a joke. Of course you must do a previous configuration, but this will not take you long to do. Silly how to unlock a Samsung cell phone , if you have forgotten the password or pattern.

How to change and configure the Bixby button on any Samsung mobile

When this tool made its appearance on Samsung mobiles , it was not possible to change the Bixby button. This, on the one hand, made its users very uncomfortable because they saw that other assistants like Google’s offered them more possibilities. This has now changed and you can easily change and configure the Bixby button on any Samsung mobile.

If you have one of these devices you should know that the Bixby button is included in the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10 models. If you are one of the many who think that this button is not being used it deserves, then here we will give you a solution. And then we will tell you what are the steps you must follow to carry out this process.

Remember that the only way to open the Samsung assistant is through the Bixby button. Although you can now open another assistant by means of one or two touches of this button, but always one of these two options will be for the virtual assistant. Now that you have this clear, let’s move on to change and configure the Bixby button on any Samsung mobile

Change the Bixby button on any Samsung mobile

The steps are the following the first place go to your mobile phone and press the button that activates Bixby . Now we are going to open the settings, for this we will go to the top of the screen and select the icon with the three dots. Click on it, this action will allow a menu to appear and select the Settings option.

In this new window we must find and select the Bixby Key section, here we must choose in which way we want the wizard to open, if by means of one press or two, we recommend that you do it by means of two presses. Then check the option Press twice to open Bixby.

Now you must activate the simple press option, now go to the icon that has the shape of a gear, you will find it when you open the application. You must choose the App that you want to be assigned to the Bixby button. And ready in this way you will have  changed and configured the Bixby button on any Samsung mobile.

As you can see, it is impossible for you to remove the assistant from this button, it can only share by means of one or two presses with another application of this type such as Google Assistant. In this way, we have finished with this very easy-to-follow tutorial, which explains with simple steps how to change and configure the Bixby button on any Samsung mobile.


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